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Tue 15 Jun 2021
at 05:07
Headspace RPG (Cyberpunk, Emotion, Overcome)
This is dark future cyberpunk where the gap between the ultra rich and the rest grows more ridiculous every day.  Mega-corporations control nearly everything, only held in check (if at all) by each other, and the casualties of their insatiable lust for power is "everyone else".

Unlike the traditional cyberpunk game, you are NOT trying to "get yours" or even "make the most of a terrible world" as mercenaries in the world of corporate politics (though perhaps you did in the past).  No, you have joined your consciousness to a small cell of like-minded individuals for the express purpose of opposing these corporations, before it is too late.

Every operator has in their past seen personally, even been a part of, this degradation of humanity.  Now, be it for atonement, responsibility, redemption, or revenge, they have taken the ultimate risk of linking their minds for this dedicated purpose.

This comes with advantages (sharing knowledge, even professional skill), but it also means sharing the rage, grief, fear, need, and ego of their fellow operators.  And in this world, no one is without baggage.

Will they be able to fight back the advance of the corporations before the emotional collateral damage of this world consumes them?--Maybe, maybe not. Yet, one thing is certain, there is NO hope for humanity if they don't at least try.

- You do not need to own or know the rules to play.  This is a PBTA game.  You can get the character workbooks for free online: