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Fri 9 Jul 2021
at 14:12
[Alien RPG] Colony Building campaign
Opening for 1 to 3 players to join an Alien RPG colony-building campaign.
After training for several years as part of the Three World Empire's ARC Project , you were supposed to colonize Dapple, one of the moons of the distant yellow dwarf Mu Arae.
This was to be the 3WE's newest and greatest colony.
Maybe the Fourth World of the Empire, one day?!
But, today, you just awoke from cryo... in a crashed module--

A colony building campaign in the world of Alien(s), using Free League's Alien RPG.
The game is rated as Adult since there can/will be horror, violence, gory deaths (even though it is not our idea to over-describe or dwell on this).

Of the 6 initial players, 3 remain and are very active.
In general we post at least once per day (so it would be good to be close to that rhythm).
Story-wise, now is a good time to welcome some new players (1 to 3).
Either as totally new PCs, or to take over existing ex-PCs/NPCs (adapting them to your fancy, of course).

Message me if interested.
And, good gaming to all!

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Fri 6 Aug 2021
at 05:44
[Alien RPG] Colony Building campaign
Alien bump, if any are interested...
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Wed 13 Oct 2021
at 15:52
[Alien RPG] Colony Building campaign
Another bump to see if any interested...
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