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Sat 4 Sep 2021
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Explorers of the Unknown
The blinding blackness of the underworld held back only by the sputtering light of your candles, lanterns, and torchesódim points of light in a vast ocean of darkness. Dank stone walls close in around you and the weight of earth and stone above grinds down on a maze of corridors, galleries, vaults, tombs, caverns, and ancient fortresses. You trespass in the domains of long extinct subterranean peoples, the histories of their underworld unclear or unknown, their wealth abandoned and unclaimed. The darkness is full of death, yet it draws fools and fortune hunters with whispered intimations of gold for the plundering, only to devour them. The monuments to the dead are strewn about. Melted candle stubs, scattered and tarnished coins, and mummified corpses clad in rusted mail laying forgotten in dusty endless halls.


This is a West Marches game set in an unnamed points of light homebrew world that is influenced by Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play, Robert E. Howardís Conan, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Call of Cthulhu, Grim Hollow, and Darkest Dungeon. Iím a fan of the weird early days of D&D and the sometimes psychedelic blend of fantasy with science fiction.

The game will focus on short, quick expeditions (2-3 months of play time) so players can come and go without committing to multi-year long campaign. Though youíre welcome to stay and play however long you like.

We will use B/X Dungeons & Dragons and Old-School Essentials as the game system. We will draw from OSEís Advanced Fantasy to allow splitting race from class and the inclusion of AD&D classes. I will pull from BECMI, the Rules Cyclopedia, and AD&D (1st and 2nd) when necessary.

If you donít have access to the original B/X books, you can use Old-School Essentials. Old-School Essentials is a almost exact retro-clone. The SRD is freely available here.

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Sat 11 Sep 2021
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Explorers of the Unknown
The game is always open to more players.