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Mon 11 Oct 2021
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Adventuring High School
Premise: Within the world of Midgorod, dragons roamed the skies and demons preyed upon mortals; eldritch powers conspired in the dark, while magi pierced the fabric of reality from within their Towers of High Sorcery. It was a realm of myth and fantasy.

All except for the quaint small town of Marchwood, where all seems peaceful, quiet, and mundane, with nicely paved roads, white picket fences, a local diner by the highway, as well as elemental-powered cars and other modern conveniences. Yet here in this town was the premier boarding school for monster-slayers, the Marchlands Academy of Adventuring and Heroism.

Every year a new incoming class begins the process of learning how to become a monster slayer: an adventurer who travels to far distant lands, slays monsters, and extracts the natural wealth accumulated thereof. The powers each student wield are mighty indeed, for each one alone is capable enough to defeat entire Midgorod armies, whether through blade or spell or roguish luck.

Yet even the greatest dragon or the mightiest lich pales in comparison to greatest of quests: growing up a teenager.

Notes: This game is inspired by Fantasy High, the Dimension 20 campaign about a John Hughes-esque high school set in a Tolkien-esque fantasy world. Other sources of inspiration include Suzumiya Haruhi, Final Fantasy VIII, and other boarding school stories.

This is a sandboxy, slice of life game about students at boarding school for adventurers in a Tolkien-esque fantasy world, except for a little isolated corner of the world that seems to function like an 80s John Hughes film. As a sandbox game, characters will need to have a certain amount of initiative in order to drive their story forward. Many of the plot elements are things that the players themselves will bring to the table, so the need for vivid, well-realised characters is paramount. While I have a meta-narrative in mind, the players can ignore that or dive in at their own leisure.

Certainly there are epic end-of-the-world storylines and scenarios available in the broader world. However, these are treated more in the vein of a West Marches-style game. They're out there for the players to find, but the real focus of the game is on the adventuring academy, the relationships there, and so forth.

System: I am more interested in characters and story than in system mechanics. As such, while this game uses a home-brewed version of Dungeons and Dragons, the fiction will often triumph over mechanics. I will always go the path that makes for a better story.

This game is rated Mature.