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 member, 6 posts
Tue 12 Oct 2021
at 16:06
[SW5E] Let's Make Our Own War for the Stars
The Star Wars: Decline and Fall of the Republic is an attempt to recreate the feel of the Star Wars franchise-- particularly Episodes III and V, Rogue One, KOTOR, Clone Wars, and The Mandalorian-- without being shackled to forty years of canon of various quality. We are-- all of us, together-- going to construct our own Star Wars setting out of our favorite pieces of that canon and we’re going to have our own adventures in it.

The basic premise is that the Clone Wars have gone on far too long at the expense of everyone but the profiteers, and everyone knows that everyone is about to lose the war at the same time-- but someone has to eventually land on top, and wouldn’t it really be for the greater good if it were you?

Looking for a large number of players from a large number of factions-- Jedi/Sith, Republic/Separatist, mercenaries and criminals-- to form ever-shifting political alliances that end in betrayal and bloody reprisal. Reform and reunite the fractured Jedi Order, rule the galaxy through pain and fear, or just burn the whole thing down and get paid for it.

Characters: Most SW5e species allowed, others negotiable; Force-Users allowed (Light or Dark, Jedi/Sith/Other); droids allowed; characters start at 3rd level
Rating: Mature (primarily for Violence)
Frequency: Every 72 hours or more

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