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 member, 4 posts
Thu 25 Nov 2021
at 01:44
Savage Morrow Project [Adult][A Hopeful Post-Apocalypse]
The world ended in 1989 and where were you? Sleeping underground, a vaccine against a chaotic future.

Who was selected for such an important task? What kind of person would give up everything for a better tomorrow?

In 1980, average people who show remarkable moral character are approached to join a project to save humanity by a mysterious organization. The Morrow Project as it is called, seeks to train and cryogenically freeze a first responder force that will awaken a few years after nuclear Armageddon to get the United States on the right path.

This game will be focused on not just the post-apocalypse Morrow Project, but also the people who make up the teams. It will begin with regular people training and coming to grips with what they are going through, then move to some of the existing Morrow Project modules. Assuming the game continues, I hope to cover additional teams, probably with player additions or changes, depending on the tenor of the group.

We will be using Savage Worlds rules with the Morrow Project setting. No prior setting knowledge is necessary, but some basic familiarity with Savage Worlds is preferable.

Please read the RtJ thread here before applying.
Some further setting information is here.

More information about the game owner, LefferDP:

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