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Mon 20 Dec 2021
at 16:06
D20 Apocalypse: Alpha Factor
Mindkeep. The very name is mysterious. Why was it built? Who built it? What is its secret? Your elite group of adventurers must find Mindkeep and learn its secret. Others have tried and failed. The surrounding area is filled with mutations that are strange even for Gamma World. Could that be a clue as to Mindkeep's purpose? Or is it mere coincidence?  The trek is long and difficult, across areas that are not well-known. Keep your wits about you, or you may lose everything!


This game is an attempt to adapt the D20 Apocalypse rules to the 1986 TSR Gamma World game.  I'm not an expert in D20 Apocalypse as I've never played in this ruleset, let alone GM'd a game.  We'll either learn it together, or perhaps a player will come in that knows the game well and I can learn it from him/her!

I am taking 4-6 players of all types.  Please have a concept that you think will fit well into post-nuclear apocalypse, tribal society and review the RTJ post in the game.
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Mon 20 Dec 2021
at 16:41
D20 Apocalypse: Alpha Factor
There was an actual Gamma World d20 game, with Players and GMs guides and several supplements.

Still, d20 Modern Apocalypse is a decent option as well.
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Wed 12 Jan 2022
at 17:32
D20 Apocalypse: Alpha Factor
Still trying to roust up some interest for a post-apocalypse D20 Future game.  Please send an RTJ if interested.
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