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Mon 16 Jan 2023
at 11:23
Sex, Lies and Lawyers

It used to be the biggest, meanest law firm in Manhattan.

That was before the family patriarch died of a stroke, his firstborn OD'ed and the younger brother was forced to sell his stake after a scandalous divorce.

The firm became a husk of its former self, its best lawyers poached by other firms, the board jumping ship, the creditors circling like vultures.

And that's when two investors saw the chance to buy the company at fire sale prices, an American-British partnership. Seeing how the company had lost all brand name, they renamed it after themselves: Fyre&Breem.

Only a skeleton crew remains, a small team of diehards trying to pull the company to the surface before it drowns forever - maybe out of loyalty to the firm that gave them a chance, or sheer stubbornness, or just because they know they will never get another job.

Two years ago, they would have gotten the devil himself acquitted on some technicality. Today, He wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot trident.


Welcome to a game of intrigue, sin, impossibly sharply dressed guys and improbably hot girls, with a side dish of legal blah-blah nobody understands but makes you sound smart! All sorts of [IC only!] entertaining drama is welcome. Come have fun with us!

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 member, 54 posts
Tue 24 Jan 2023
at 15:55
Sex, Lies and Legalspeak: Fyre&Breem Law
And we finish the first week with >250 posts, getting some momentum here!

F&B is having an all-hands meeting where bad news are sure to hit. Can Mr. Breem face the music alone, while his partner Mr. Fyre is missing in action? (rumored to be holed up somewhere with a few bottles and a few girls). Meanwhile, lawyers Kelly, Jacob and Taylor face the most difficult week of their careers, as they try to get outlaw biker boss McVey out of Rikers Island. Is Kelly falling for the bad boy? Can Jacob keep his job? Can Taylor find a case of her own to make her name? And the long-suffering receptionsit Suzie Lowes is dealing as well as she can with sundry toilet emergencies, while Mae the secretary tries to survive the coming storm...

Meanwhile, in another part of the city, partyboy Rick da Boat is at the Velvet Pearl club, looking to get a REAL party started, with reputed madam Trixie and her new girlfriend Vanessa. One of her girls, Irina, is facing extradition back to Ukraine, while Russian oligarch Orlov needs a lawyer to un-freeze his (ill-gotten?) assets. Multimillionaire investor William Stone is jogging in Central Park, oblivious (or is he?) of whatever shenanigans her wife Lexi is up to in Paris, while she (theoretically) promotes her new yoga app...


striken out are already claimed by a player. Come and claim your own!

Rupert Breem: British lawyer, new co-owner of Fyre&Breem. Met Sam at Yale. Bought in as a way to break into the American market. Slowly realizing the absolutely shocking state of his new company.

Keisha Davies: Rupert Breem's personal assistant, an enterprising but shy secretary who's excited but intimidated. PA to a name partner, in her first job? It sounded too good to be true... and it was. Can she keep her job, or even, does she want to?

Suzie Lowes: the mousy and often overlooked receptionist of F&B. Her role is more crucial than most think - especially now.

Lexi Hawthorne: Instagram model and trophy wife of William Stone. Former PA of the previous CEO, depicted by the media as the 'homewrecker' that caused the divorce of the last of the Sloanes, in turn causing the downfall of both him and the law firm.

William Stone: West Coast multimillionaire, recently married to Lexi Hawthorne. He travels a lot and he's looking for new investment opportunities.

Beatrix Tracey: madamme and owner of the top brothel in NYC. With longstanding, secret connections to the company. Takes care of her girls.

Mae Hyo-Rin: former green intern, now the most senior secretary at F&B.

Mackie 'Roadkill' McVey: leader of the Fastwater Riders outlaw biker gang. His gang is accused of a catalog of crimes, from petty theft and vandalism to arson and rape. In need of legal representation.

Sam Fyre: (PRIORITY) American lawyer (m/f/nb), new co-owner of Fyre&Breem. Met Rupert at Yale. Scion of a very rich family, unhireable due to a well-earned reputation as a party animal. Bough in as a way to become a lawyer without having to put in the hard work of being reliable and professional. Currently: sleeping off a hangover in a hotel suite, in the company of a few pretty escorts.

Marcel Clermont: a young French photographer, talented but struggling to survive in the cutthroat, precarious gig economy of fashion photography. Dreams of awards and bigtime magazine covers, but for the moment just gotta make rent with any job that comes his way. Currently: in Paris shooting Lexi Hawthorn for a fashion shot.

Vladimir Orlov: Russian oligarch, exiled in the US. Most of his assets have been frozen due to Western sanctions against the Putin regime. In need of legal representation. Currently: throwing a lavish party in his megayacht, the Rusalka.

Rick 'da Boat' Vela: king of the yachting business, THE man to know if you're throwing a high-end party. Known as a cool dude and tireless playboy. Hired too organise the mother of all fiestas for Vladimir Orlov in his megayacht. Currently: recruiting some topnotch girls from the Velvet Pearl.

Rebecca Sinclar: owner of an upscale art gallery. Online scammers have made millions with unathorized NFTs of the art displayed on her gallery, so now the artists are suing her for damages. In need of legal representation. Currently: finishing a sweaty workout at an upscale gym, the Watson Place Club.

Hector Ramirez: City Councilman, acquitted a year ago in a thorny case involving drugs, prostitutes and a lot of cash. One of the very few "friends" the firm still has amongst the political elite of the city. Currently: doing a line or two with a couple of paid girlfriends.

Sully "Poison" Riddles: a senior member of the Fastwater bikers and McVey's lieutenant, he covets his boss' position and is willing to do anything to get it, including breaking the charter and working with the FBI. Now that McVey has been arrested, he's finally getting his chance... Currently: at the Fastwater Riders club, scheming to wrestle control of the gang while the boss rots in jail.

Irina Kobaleva: Ukrainian refugee, stripper at an upscale club in town, very popular with lawyers. Fighting ICE to stay in the US. In need of legal representation. Currently: finishing a "gig" with a client.

Luna Richardson: the new head of HR, Operations and IT at F&B. "New" because she was hired a year ago as a "diversity hire" (she's a trans girl), but when everyone else was laid off she survived, and now leads three departments, juggling massive responsibilities as well as she can, with almost no staff under her command. She still somehow manages to keep things afloat. Stressed out, overworked, and yet. Currently: leading a very tricky all-hands meeting at the boardroom, bearing bad news.

Nate Sloane: previous owner of the company. Used to be its top lawyer too, until his scandalous divorce two years ago, due to his affair with his PA. He was forced to sell his stake and retire from the company after that. Currently: playing a game of golf while negotiating some deal.

Erika Sloane: Hollywood actress, ex-wife of the ex-CEO of F&B. Made a fortune and gained a lot of attention through the divorce trial, and now she's enjoying her sweet revenge. Trying to get bigger and better roles. Currently: auditioning for a role in a Netflix big-budget series.

Vanessa Redwood: Beatrix's girlfriend, former PA of the ex-CEO. Mother of two, happily retired and embracing the other side of her life with a woman. Still harbors immense inside knowledge, after two decades knowing every secret in the company. Currently: deciding how to introduce her children to her girlfriend and break the news gently.

Naomi Cooper: the queen of clickbait, a nosy journalist famous for uncovering all sorts of scandals. Her scathing coverage of that divorce brough her her fifteen minutes of fame, and now she's sniffing around for her next hit piece. Currently: undercover, trying to get an interview as an intern in F&B.

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Fri 3 Feb 2023
at 11:16
Sex, Lies and Legalspeak: Fyre&Breem Law
And we're well over 500 posts now. See the updated character list above, or just make your own character, the rooster of "must haves" is so full right I'm happy to accept suggestions :)

Things are moving fast! The all-hands meeting is concluding, with chilling news about the financial situation of Fyre&Breem. Unless our lawyers can find paying clients within the week, the company is going under. Perhaps that's why Lawyer Kelly Hughes is pushing the limits of professional ethics with her client, biker gang boss Mackie 'Roadkill' McVey, after getting him out of Rikers Island.

Meanwhile, investor William Stone is getting close and personal with gallerist Rebecca Sinclair, while his wife Lexi Stone is in Paris to promote her yoga app, but instead seems to be doing pretty much the same with French photographer Arsene Corbin.

The name partners are having a tete-a-tete at Sarabeth's, prim and British Mr. Breen and debauched American Mr. Fyre. His PA, Mae Hyo-Rin, is doing her bit to keep the company afloat... through which methods? And how long until they need an angel investor?

But looming large over all this, Russian oligarch Vladimir Orlov is throwing a massive party at his megyacht, The Rusalka. Before it is impounded by the authorities? Is this the case that will make or break Fyre&Breem?

In any case, it's a great week to join the game, just in time to attend Orlov's fiesta!
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