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Sun 19 Mar 2023
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Defiance of Fate
Earth has been moved into a new age: the age of cultivation. A mysterious entity known as the System transforms the Earth, releasing new energies into it, merging it with other worlds, and allowing other beings to start invading it. You become a cultivator, a being able to absorb the Cosmic Energy permuting all things and transcend normal mortal limitations.

This game world is modeled after the Royalroad novel, Defiance of the Fall. It's a cultivation novel and one of the few that made sense to me. One of the most important parts is you have to come up with a sentence that explains how your character sees the truth of the world, which translates into the Dao your character accesses. For example, the protagonist of the novel has the following sentence: Life and Death are held in order using Conflict. His ally, a Shadow and Illusion Dao user, uses this sentence: True is false and false is true.

Character Application:

Sentence of Truth:

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