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11:56, 22nd July 2024 (GMT+0)
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Prison Ranch(Adult Freeform)

Posted by LoveStudGeo
member, 139 posts
Thu 28 Mar 2024
at 12:38
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Prison Ranch(Adult Freeform)

Howdy pardners to the Last Chance Ranch. Those who are here are really on their Last Chance. Mess up and its off to a Max Security prison. For you see this ranch is a chance at redemption. Both hardened felons and fresh meat come here if approved. While here you will work at getting a reduced sentenced. There's even a Rodeo circuit. Best its co-ed.

There are also some special activities. Like the Bull Ring fights. Parties, films and pics get you rewards. The rules are a little relaxed except for one. Go beyond the perimeter fence and you will be hunted down.

So come on in. We So love a captive audience.
member, 140 posts
Thu 18 Apr 2024
at 11:21
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Prison Ranch(Adult Freeform)

member, 143 posts
Mon 6 May 2024
at 10:30
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Prison Ranch(Adult Freeform)


Could use more males
member, 6 posts
Fri 10 May 2024
at 00:44
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Prison Ranch(Adult Freeform)

In reply to LoveStudGeo (msg # 3):

Would you like me to make a male instead?
member, 149 posts
Fri 21 Jun 2024
at 11:56
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Prison Ranch(Adult Freeform)


Can really use more males and staff
member, 150 posts
Sat 29 Jun 2024
at 19:28
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Prison Ranch(Adult Freeform)


Could use more players
member, 153 posts
Sun 7 Jul 2024
at 15:46
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Prison Ranch(Adult Freeform)


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