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10:59, 22nd July 2024 (GMT+0)
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Caught in the Currents.

Posted by 17dragonboy
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Tue 23 Apr 2024
at 05:48
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Caught in the Currents

Along the eastern coast there is the Flumina Divide, a region cut through by several rivers, the largest of which divides it into north and south. To the north there are mountains and valleys, underneath which are interconnected mines and caverns that reach the sea. To the south there are windy fields, forested wetlands, a fertile volcano, and a wooden city that sprawls out into the ocean. Not far offshore are dozens of islands, some small and low, others large enough to fit entire settlements.

Envy and fear often drove the region into conflict, and not just across the dividing river. Then the dragons and their armies came, sweeping across the continent in conquest. Politics and violence played out between the dragons and the factions of Flumina, but eventually the region became another part of the new Empire of Deptilia.

For a short time Flumina knew peace and unity. The presiding dragon Argentiax, though brutal in his ways, sought to eliminate the problems that plagued the region. Other parts of the empire were not so fortunate and only continued to fester after the war. Meanwhile, in fear of the new empire, the rival country of Pacem began expanding to build up its own power.

Civil wars erupted in the Deptilian Empire, and Pacem saw its opportunity to invade. Sensing opportunity, Flumina soon joined the conflicts. Adding to the havoc, a great asteroid struck the ocean, unleashing terrible earthquakes and massive waves that devastated the coast.

Today Deptilia and Pacem are left in pieces, and Flumina’s ruling dragon was deposed in the chaos. Flumina attempts to recover from the wars and the great disaster, but has also begun to regress into its old ways of conflict. Local rulers tighten their grip, a rebellion has ignited, Argentiax hides somewhere, foreign powers infiltrate, and the underworld feeds on the disorder.

Caught in the currents of these treacherous times, what will you do?

This is a low fantasy game, and is a bit more grounded. There is still magic and such, but it is less common and low power. Some fantasy races are present as well.
The game is open world but contained, so everything is still connected and players can run into each other.
I can provide plot hooks to follow, or things might revolve more around your character. There’s a lot of background lore to work off of.

June 10th, 2024
We’ve got a good and active group of players, just looking to grow the ranks a bit.
The game is still in the beginning phases, so it’s a good time to join.

After reading all the information threads, please start with a draft, not a full write up. It makes it a lot easier for us to adjust things.

Please do not post in this game advertisement thread. Just PM me in the game.
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Wed 1 May 2024
at 02:37
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Caught in the Currents

I am what goes bump in the night!
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Wed 8 May 2024
at 04:08
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Caught in the Currents

Sitting here like a bump on a log.
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Mon 10 Jun 2024
at 22:21
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Caught in the Currents

He left me hanging after I tried to give him a fist bump.
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Tue 18 Jun 2024
at 00:47
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Caught in the Currents

I ruined my car doing 100 over a speed bump.
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Tue 25 Jun 2024
at 00:59
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Caught in the Currents

It was a long and bumpy road.
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Tue 2 Jul 2024
at 04:48
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Caught in the Currents

I got a new bumper sticker.
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Wed 10 Jul 2024
at 01:02
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Caught in the Currents

Those old people are doing the bump and grind.

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