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10:44, 22nd July 2024 (GMT+0)
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Free form Star Wars game.

Posted by Blue
member, 179 posts
Sat 4 May 2024
at 21:50
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Free form Star Wars game

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Not every member of the Star Wars galaxy is a Jedi, Sith, bounty hunter, etc.  This is a game for the commoners, normal folk just trying to get by in a troubled galaxy

Will you step up and try to make the galaxy a better place, or will you keep your head down and hope to survive a troubled galaxy?  The players will decide.

While the above is what I’ve worked out, I do not know if it will be the final version of the game.  I invite perspective players to join and help design the game, so pretty much all aspects of the game are subject to modification if the PCs collectively prefer changes.

Put another way, I’m in the mood to run a Star Wars game.  If you’re interested in playing in one, come around and tell me what sort of game peaks your interest.
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Wed 29 May 2024
at 18:39
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Free form Star Wars game


We've had some players that seem to have ghosted the game, could use a couple more players.  The game setting/plot has been finalized and we're ready to move on to some gaming.  I'm looking for new characters.

member, 181 posts
Wed 10 Jul 2024
at 03:51
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Free form Star Wars game

We could use another 2-3 players in the game.  We currently have four active players, two computer techs, a facility operations person and a maintenance droid.

Ideas that would fit well, Maintenance tech, medical tech, security guard…. But certainly open to other ideas.



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