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10:13, 22nd July 2024 (GMT+0)
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Seeking Starting Group - Adult.

Posted by Yaaraer
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Mon 8 Jul 2024
at 23:37
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Seeking Starting Group - Adult

Isles of Adventure is a game set to start on one of the many islands in the world. With time, the group will open up the ability to travel to the other islands for adventures/jobs. And not all of these islands will be on land features but will involve islands in the sky, islands below the oceans and even islands on other planes of existence.

This game will start you out as 1st level adventurers that have joined a guild in the only guild hall in the isles, having been members for five months now. Each character will be created using 5e rules from the Players Handbook with what I consider a unique stat generation.

Adventures will most often be choice driven as I will be giving you choices through jobs coming into your guild. Though you will also find the ability to search out adventures on your own as well. Which is why I am asking for your thoughts on plot hooks for your character as well as goals that you would like to achieve.
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Tue 9 Jul 2024
at 05:41
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Seeking Starting Group - Adult

Full For Now

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3 games running, 1 deleted game.
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