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Beorc Classes
In this game you are not required to use one of the existing classes, you are free to make your own but they must be approved by me first.

These are the student tier character classes. Player who choose one of the following will be weaker then those that don't but given the time to catch up they will get stronger.

Pupil - Young people who are studying fire, wind, or thunder magic, in hopes of becoming a Mage or a Shaman.

Journeyman -Brave souls who tranvel with little or no experience, they wield axes very well, they hope to become a Fighter or a Pirate.

Trainee - Fresh faces on the battlefield they practice with lances in the hopes of becoming soldiers, they hope to become Knights or Cavaliers.

Villager - they hope to grow and make a difference in the world, they use swords and hope to become either Archers or Mercinaries.

1st tier Classes:

Soldier - Armored wielders of the lance and shield, they make up the army frontlines.
Promote to: Halberdier

Knight - A combination of heavy armor and strength make up for this lance user's low speed.
Promote to: Great Knight or General

Cavalier - Knights on hourse back with swift movement and light armor. Swords and lances are their weapons of choice.
Promote to: Paladin or Great Knight

Fighter - Ruffians of great strength but poor defense. They use axes as their weapon.
Promote to: Warrior or Hero

Pirate –Strong but selftought axe users are at home on land and sea.
Promote to: Berserker or Warrior

Mage - Magic users who wield of fire, wind, and thunder.
Promote to: Sage or Mage Knights.

Shaman - Practitioners of the dark arts, they call upon black magic to do their magic.
Promote to: Summoner or Druid

Archer - They use a bow, they attack from afar but weak when attacked up close.
Promote to: Sniper or Ranger

Mercenary - Swordsmen who trade speed for power.
Promote to: Hero or Ranger

Myrmidon - Swordsmen who uses speed and accuracy to win.
Promote to: Assassin or Swordmaster

Priest /Cleric- Spiritual leaders who use staves to heal.
Promote to: Bishop or Sage or Valkyrie

Troubador: Healers on horseback, they are very mobile, allowing them to reach far-off allies in need.
Promote to: Valkyrie or Mage Knight

Monk - Priest who use holy power to kill instead of heal.
Promote to: Sage or Bishop

Pegasus Knight - Lance users who ride flying hourses with high resistance to magic.
Promote to: Falcoknight or Wyvern Knight

Wyvern Rider - Lance user who ride dragons bred for flight.
Promote to: Wyvern Knight or Wyvern Lord

Thief - Gifted with a knife they can pick locks and shift between what is legal and elegal with relative ease.
Promote to: Assassin or Rogue

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Re: Beorc Classes
2cd Tier Classes
These classes are the best of the best. If you want to start as one of these you're going to need to impress me with your character and back-story.

Bishop: Growing up from monks, clerics and priests surrendered their lives to the service of their God. They use light magic and staves, enabling them to heal from afar and smite their foes with powerful holy attacks. Their holy magic does more damage to monsters than any other class.

Mage Knight: Promoted from mages and troubadors who decide to fight on horseback. Using elemental magic and staves with ease.

Valkyrie: When troubadors or clerics decide to attack on the battle field. High speed, using elemental and light magic along with staves. Riding a horse, they can also move quickly about, and attack with great strength.

Sage: More time spend studying and training then any other they have the title of Sage and all the power and respect that goes with it. They can use light elemental and staves to dominate the field.

Druid: For the more traditional shaman, who focus on using natural and dark magic to overwhelm their foes. Not only can they use elemental and dark magic, but they can also wield staves to heal their allies.

Summoner: For the non-traditional shaman who decides to learn how to create shadowy fighters out of the darkness. They can wield dark magic and staves, but their summoned phantoms are this classes' main focus. As the Summoner gains levels, the summoned phantoms become stronger and have better weaponry. Alas, their phantoms are just that: powerful attackers who when hit disappear.

Falcoknight: Riders of pegasi who have grown together with their mounts, they use swords and lances to control the skies.

Wyvern Lord: Thick armor and strong weapons and riding on a dragon! They destroy their eniemies with devistating blows. The only drawback is their speed.

Wyvern Knight: For Pegusus knights and Wyvern riders who want to focus exclusively on the lance, and gain a new skill that strikes down foes regardless of their defense. Fast and deadly, these foes are thankfully rare to fight in battle.

Sniper: Archers with relentless amount of practice they have unparalleled accuracy.

Ranger: A balanced mix of indirect and direct, hunting foes down with their bow from afar and dashing in on horseback to slay them with their swords. Accustomed to all kinds of weather and terrain, they are the only horseback class able to ride through mountains and swim in water.

Assassin: They move quickly and silently and can kill instantly. Able to see far in difficult situations, they are excellent spies. A hidden force not to be trifled with.

Rogue: Moving just as quickly and quietly, they can open locks without any tools and also make excellent spies.

Hero: Idealistic mercenaries and fighters who strive to do what's right, whether that is to defend their country from invading forces, save the damsel in distress or aid others by guiding them as they grow. Highly respected all throughout the land, able to use swords and axes in battle.

Berserker: They are very strong, and born from pirates they are men of the sea. But also of the mountains. They swing axes the size of small logs the same way normal men can lift a knife.

Warrior: For the more conservative fighter, learning how to wield a bow to augment their already powerful attacks in battle. Now able to strike foes from at a range as well as up close, famous (or infamous) for their deeds.

Paladin: Exceptional cavaliers they fight with dedication and conviction for their cause. Using lances, swords to attack and quickly withdraw from advantageous positions. Moving across the land as if they had wings.

Great Knight: When Cavaliers and Knights wish to keep the best from both worlds, they become Great Knights. Defensive powerhouses, they can wield swords, axes and lances, dominating the weapon triangle. They move slowly.

General: They are a tower of armor and muscle. They are sometimes called Rooks. They can use swords axes and lances. They shake off most physical and keep on marching. But the only unit they are faster than is their predecessor the Knight.

Halberdier: Masters of the lance they attack with precision, power, and accuracy. Their armor is light and strong but not indestructible. Well balanced and well trained fighting force.

Swordmaster: Swordsmen who spend the hours to become a master of their craft. They are peerless in the art of the blade. They move quickly and attack quickly the only thing they lack is defense.

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