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Fri 15 Oct 2010
at 17:01
Einherjar Roster
"Here's the sign up sheet for our new named company, Einherjar.

If you name is on this list you will be assigned jobs and you will be paid for them.

After your name I would like you to write down your reasons for joining. As well as a passion. You will tried to be put in teams according to your passions, and I will try to give you jobs that correspond with your reasons for joining."


Reasons for Joining:


[OOC if you control more than one character, your characters will never be put together on a team, unless you specifically request that is what you want. Similar Passions will work like the Support system in the video games. You will be stronger/receive benefits, when you are teamed up with someone with a similar passion.

Passions are optional, Reasons for Joining are not.]

Luka Grinfang
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Fri 15 Oct 2010
at 20:07
Re: Einherjar Roster
Name: Luka Grinfang

Reason for Joining: To find a new pack. Wolves can't live without a pack.

As the former Omega of his pack, Luka is use to being in charge of caring for others. In his former pack, he was the shield, and the servant. As long as he is caring for the needs of his pack, he is content and more than happy to endanger himself in the action. After all, the pack is more important than the single.
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Fri 15 Oct 2010
at 23:49
Re: Einherjar Roster
Name: Silva

Reasons for Joining:  (A fair amount of answers that are now illegible seem to be scratched out over and over) To help others, and to live up to the responsibility now placed upon my shoulders.  I will not fail those who look up to me.

Passion: Living life to the fullest and finding all the best napping spots making friends.

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Mina Tearlight
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Wed 20 Oct 2010
at 14:39
Re: Einherjar Roster
Name: Mina Tearlight

Reasons for Joining: I want to protect Silva, and be helpful!

Passions: Cleaning, and Cooking, and Healing. Umm.. What else. I like Silva, too, I want to work with her. I don't want to see her get hurt!
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Wed 20 Oct 2010
at 14:54
Re: Einherjar Roster
Name: Iaefrah V. Soulstoke

Reasons for Joining: Silva.

Passion: If doing what is right requires that I break the law, I will be a lawbreaker, every time.
Altimeda Tieral
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Tue 26 Oct 2010
at 03:02
Re: Einherjar Roster
Name: Altimeda Tieral

Reasons for joining: I have always wanted to put my powers to work for a worthy cause. Einherjar seems upright and moral, more than the average band of sell-swords, and I feel as though I can contribute to the cause.

Passions: There are things in this world that should be preserved. That are sacred. I aim to protect these sacred items, and Life is one of them. It seems as though Silva is a primary concern of the team; thus, she will be a primary concern of my own as well.
Thorn Beard
Tue 4 Jan 2011
at 23:23
Re: Einherjar Roster
Name: Thorn Beard

Reasons for Joining: Exercise.
Caedon de Arnes
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Wed 5 Jan 2011
at 01:19
Re: Einherjar Roster
Name: Caedon del Arnes

Reasons for Joining: To defy and prove myself in the face of oppression.

Passions: To protect others, especially those who cannot protect themselves.
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Sun 8 May 2011
at 06:29
Re: Einherjar Roster
Name: M'Gali

Reasons for Joining: It is the right thing to do.

Passion: Helping others, where and whenever I am able.
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Sun 8 May 2011
at 20:44
Re: Einherjar Roster
Name: Dayra

Reasons for Joining: To put my skills as a Pegasus Knight to good use and to train until my skills are the pride of my mistress!.

Passion: The excitement of flight and the protection of others; the two things a knight should enjoy most of all!
Aevin Steele
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Wed 11 May 2011
at 15:20
Re: Einherjar Roster
Name: Quick Steele

Reason for Joining:
I've still got a lot to learn, but mostly I can teach others what I do know.

Passion: Making new ways to practice magic.
Kendra de Arnes
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Wed 11 May 2011
at 22:31
Re: Einherjar Roster
Name: Kendra de Arnes

Reason for Joining: Making sure my brother comes home.

Passion: Learning about magic, especially elder magic.