Shadows Over Bogenhafen Hitting the Taverns.   Posted by GM.Group: 0
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Fri 9 Jul 2010
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Shadows Over Bogenhafen Hitting the Taverns
Group members intent on trying to gather information at Bogenhafen's taverns find that they have a lot of options. Despite being a town of 5,000 people, Bogenhafen provides over a dozen choices for inns and drinking establishments designed to cater to the boatmen and merchants that pass through the town. The first inn they reach inside of the eastern gate is the Journey's End Inn, a comfortable looking two story pub and hotel.

ooc: The party was offered rooms here by the councillor for undertaking the goblin expedition but you didn't take him up on it.

Inside, the room is lit by sunlight filtering in from the unshuttered windows that let in the cool spring air and a crackling fire in the stone fireplace offers respite to anyone who finds the spring air just a tad bit too cool. The furnishings of the tap room are simple and functional wood constructions.

There is a good sized crowd here eating an early lunch before setting off to enjoy the sights of the faire, many of them with flowers in their hair. A bald headed man with a thick mustache and a towel draped around his neck stands behind the bar serving drinks to the patrons while a pair of thick waisted serving wenches bring diners their food on steaming wooden platters.

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Connor Dugan
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Fri 9 Jul 2010
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Re: Shadows Over Bogenhafen Hitting the Taverns
Connor walks into the tavern and sits at a table, looking around for someone that looks approachable, and listening for anyone speaking thieves' tongue.

OOC: 02:31, Today: Connor Dugan rolled 12 using 1d100 with rolls of 12. Secret language
Imrak Ragnar
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Fri 9 Jul 2010
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Re: Shadows Over Bogenhafen Hitting the Taverns
Imrak joins Connor, "M'st be a tad slew t'day.  We sh'ld check wit the l'ss I left Gottri wit, ta g't clen.  W'll, 1 ale won't h'rt"
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Fri 9 Jul 2010
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Re: Shadows Over Bogenhafen Hitting the Taverns
Connor listens for a bit but nobody is openly speaking the thieves tongue to be heard. But then again, they probably wouldn't be very good thieves if they were.

There are plenty of approachable looking faces in the crowd. The festival has most people in good spirits and there are lots of travelers in town making conversation amongst themselves and with the locals.

There is vatiations amongst the economic backgrounds of the patrons here but there seems to be a definate trend towards upper middle class artisan and mercantile interests. It's not surprising considering the fact that the seedier parts of town are typically of older construction and clustered near to a settlement's river. This end of town is primarily of newer construction (still a hundred or more years old in most cases) and devoted to middle class housing intermixed with commercial businesses.

A short little serving wench with a pregnant belly that looks like it's ready to burst at any moment totters over to your table with a palm pressed against her back and asks, "Have you been helped?"
Paulus Greenbottom
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Fri 9 Jul 2010
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Re: Shadows Over Bogenhafen Hitting the Taverns
Paulus goes to the Journey's End Inn with Imrak and Conor. When the serving wench comes to the table, he decides to keep quiet since Imrak has been here before, and Paulus knows the dwarf has questions about his friend Gottri.