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Fri 21 Jan 2011
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Death on The Reik: 'Incognito'
It's mid-afternoon and the Berebelli is a few hours out of Bogenhafen now. The river Bogen is wide enough here for two boats to pass each other without too much difficulty. A tow path lines the north bank for boats and barges that are pulled by animal power and beyond that is the dense forest of the Reikland on either side.

The mood on the Berebelli had improved among Josef and his crew significantly now that the cursed town was behind them. Wolmar was tending to the rigging while his wife mopped the deck. Their daughter Elsa shrieks with joy as she plays a game of tug of war with Otto's little ratter Ein. At the stern of the boat Josef sits with Svlad and the two seamen swap stories as they see to the rudder.

But the day was not destined to be a happy one. As you near a bend in the river, a dark shape floats towards you in the water from further upstream. As it gets closer you see that it is a badly hacked body dressed in the clothing of a boatman. It floats face down and bleeds from a multitude of deep cuts that stain the water around it with a pink halo. The body bounces against the prow of the Berebelli and begins to float on by.

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Svlad Sejelli
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Fri 21 Jan 2011
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Re: Death on The Reik: 'Incognito'
"There is a ship up ahead.  I smell Wreckers...and they might still be there if my guess is right.  Josef, you want to take over here?  I think I'll be needed elsewhere..."  Svlad readies his gear and has a buckler in one hand and a javelin in the other.
Imrak Ragnar
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Fri 21 Jan 2011
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Re: Death on The Reik: 'Incognito'
Imrak seems to enjoy the boat ride, which does seem quite strange for a dwarf.
"Aye, te be a boat up ahead.  And it doesn't look 'ight."
Imrak readies his Crossbow, but make's sure his shield and Axe are handy....
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Fri 21 Jan 2011
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Re: Death on The Reik: 'Incognito'
Connor stands up from where he had been lounging on the deck, taking his wide-brimmed hat off his face, where it had been blocking the sun, and put it on his head as he stood. "Really? A fight?" He said as he saw the people around him gathering their weapons. "My wounds just healed, I really don't like getting hurt..." He said as he walked back to where his bow lay, and picked it up. then got into a good fighting position.

OOC: Crow's nest?
Ulrich Von Wolfenstein
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Fri 21 Jan 2011
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Re: Death on The Reik: 'Incognito'
"Alright people, get ready. Looks like trouble is brewing." Ulrich says as he grabs his crossbow and kneels down behind some crates while keeping an eye on the boat and the surround countryside.
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Sat 22 Jan 2011
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Re: Death on The Reik: 'Incognito'
With a serious nod, Josef takes the tiller from Svlad and guides the river boat forward. As you round a bend in the river, the form of a red and white sail marked with a black falcon comes into view. The mast it is attached to rises from the deck of a river cog that appears to have run aground on a hidden shallow point in the river. There is no sign of movement but a single crimson stained arm hangs limply over the lip of the hull. Two other bodies lie sprawled upon the deck as well. They lay still and motionless in awkward looking poses.

As you gaze on the scene of the massacre, the entire forest seems to go still as even the leaves seem to halt their rustling. For a moment there is only the sound of the hooting of a single owl. Josef begins to steer the Berebelli in for a closer look. "There may be survivors," he says without much hope in his voice.

ooc: Sorry, no crow's nest. You can reference the map of the Berebelli in the maps and documents section. Your best bet for a fighting position is going to be in the empty cargo section near the prow where you can use the lip of the hull or some crates for cover.
Lothar Gluhend
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Sat 22 Jan 2011
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Re: Death on The Reik: 'Incognito'
Lothar looks closely at the shores to detect any potential ambush

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