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The Story Thus Far
Mistaken Identity

The PCs are a group of individuals who have all decided to leave their old lives behind and embark on a life of adventure as they travel to Altdorf to try and secure a spot in the entourage of Prince Hergaard Von Tasseninck. The Prince has advertised that he is organizing an expedition into the mountains to open a new path for trade into Brettonia. The PCs arrived at a coaching inn and secured passage on a coach bound for Altdorf. Along the way, the coach stumbled across another coach that had been ambushed by mutants. In the aftermath of a battle with the remaining mutants it was discovered that the only survivor of the coach was the young noble, Ulrich Von Wolfenstein and one of the slain coach passengers bore a striking resemblance to Connor. Additionally, the slain look-alike bore documents that indicated that he was due to inherit a sizable fortune upon arrival in Bogenhafen. Some scheming ensued...

In Altdorf the PCs quickly learned that they had arrived too late and Prince Hergaard's expedition had already departed the city. Then two strange men approached Connor and seemed to be giving him some sort of signal but left in confusion with a third man when Connor was unable to signal back to them properly. The PCs were now in Altdorf but had no job. But as luck would have it, Svlad's old sailor friend, Josef Quartjin, was in town and had become a successful merchant on the rivers since last they had met. Josef invited the PCs to a tavern and hired them on as crew for his river boat for a trip to Bogenhafen for the annual Schaffenfest (Sheep Fair). A couple of drunk and obnoxious nobles spoiled the evening and after some fisticuffs the PCs left the tavern but quickly realized that they were being followed. Surprisingly, it wasn't the drunken nobles following them to stir up more trouble, but rather it was the two strange men that tried to signal Connor earlier. While the PCs were digesting this new revelation the two men were suddenly cut down by a pair of crossbow bolts from an unseen attacker who fled the scene.

The next day it was learned that one of the drunken nobles from the previous night had turned up murdered in a back alley and the decision was made to leave town quickly to avoid any legal complications. On a stop-over in Weissbruck, the PCs spotted the man that the two murdered men from Altdorf had left with when they were first encountered. The man quickly made himself scarce but not before it could be seen that he carries a crossbow. After asking around town the PCs learned that the man's name was Adolphus Kuftos and he was a bounty hunter. They tracked him to the inn where he was staying and learned that he had hired some thugs and sought to move against the PCs. The party confronted Adolphus but he escaped in a bit of Deus Ex Machina that frustrated several players. The party lay in wait for Adolphus at Josef's boat and successfully ambushed their attackers, killing Adolphus and routing his thugs. In the aftermath it was learned that Adolphus was hunting Connor's look-alike, who was apparently a member of some sort of unsavory organization and held the unsettling sounding title of 'Magister Impedimentae'. It is speculated that the inheritance letter is merely a ruse to draw Connor's double (Kastor Lieberung) out into the open.

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Re: The Story Thus Far
Shadows Over Bogenhafen

Josef and the PCs arrive in Bogenhafen and take some time to enjoy the Schaffenfest.Connor made a brief attempt to collect the inheritance but was quickly stymied when he learns that the lawyer's office listed on the documents doesn't even exist. It seemed that the inheritance was just a trap after all. While enjoying a freak show, the PCs witnessed the escape of a three legged goblin that fled into the sewers. An award was offered for the recovery of the goblin and the party was soon joined by Imrak, a dwarf warrior whom the party had met at the beer tent. The party soon tracked the goblin through the sewers to a strange room covered in occult symbols and the words "Ordo Septenarius." The goblin's remains were located in the room but a daemon manifested and attacked the party, only to be defeated after a tough fight. In the aftermath they located a handkerchief in the room embroidered with the initials  F.S. They would later learn that this fine handkerchief belonged to prominent merchant Franz Steinhager.

The next day, when the PCs attempted to collect on their reward they learned that something fishy was going on. The goblin had already been reported as killed in a Steinhager owned warehouse. The party protests that there must be some mistake and show the city official the three socketed pelvis of the goblin. The confused official promises to investigate the matter but is struck down by a mysterious illness and later dies before any further inquiry can be completed.

Further investigation revealed that the most prominent merchant families in Bogenhafen were involved in the Ordo Septenarius- a secret fraternity that billed itself as a charitable organization. The questions being asked by the PCs brought them to the attention of the Ordo Septenarius and they were soon contacted by a ranking member- Friedrich Magirius. Magirius assured the party that the Ordo has no evil intentions and scoffed at any talk of daemons. The party eventually learns of an Ordo Septenarius meeting at the mansion of it's leader, Johannes Teugen. After the meeting, an alarmed Magirius agrees to meet with the PCs again. This time he confesses that the Ordo has plans to perform a ritual to influence certain markets in order to increase the wealth of the town. Magirius no longer wanted any involvement since he had learned that the ritual would involve a human sacrifice. Magirius then agrees to help the PCs in spoiling the accursed ritual.

The next day the PCs received a letter summoning them to the home of Magirius so they can discuss their plans and learn the location of the ritual. When they arrived they found Magirius murdered and themselves framed for the offense. Luckily, Magirius managed to scrawl a final message in his own blood that revealed the location of the ritual. The PCs then arrived in time and managed to spoil the defeating the Ordo's daemon ally, Gideon. Gideon was then sucked back into the realm of Chaos by an angry manifestation of Tze'entch who chastised Gideon for failing to open the "gate" he had promised. Franz Steinhager was then similarly consumed for his failure to complete his end of the bargain. Many of the remaining cultists are captured and their extracted confessions go a long way towards absolving the PCs of the murder of several prominent citizens.
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Re: The Story Thus Far
Death on the Reik

After being absolved of any crimes committed in Bogenhafen, the adventurers are encouraged to leave town. A Sigmarite temple guard from the local church named Lothar books passage to Altdorf aboard the Berebelli. The church has taken an interest in the letter the PCs turned over to the authorities that revealed that Teugen had received some aid in preparing his ritual from a woman named Etelka Herzen who lives near Grissenwald at a place called 'Black Peaks.' Lothar is enroute to Grissenwald to warn the church officials there of the taint in their midst...