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Mon 6 Jan 2014
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Character Creation
Pathfinder rules:  Core and generally any Pazio material from Rules books.  Pazio module material has good chance of approval.
No Psionics, but other Pazio classes from various rule books.  Archetypes areencouraged, but not required. Published Races from the Advanced Race Guide and Pazio alternative Racial traits for published races.

Attribute selection: Epic

Highlighting House Rules:

Psuedo-Gestalt Start
Character's may begin first level gestalted with two 1st level classes.  Second and subsequent levels characters pick a single class to advance.  Only the first level is gestalted.  Races above normal RP, the selection of such a race will count as a class for the purpose of their first level.

Class Profession:
Classes represent of several things, abilities which can form a profession.  As such, a free profession rank directly related to the class is granted.  It is free, but as a free rank, it can not be advanced further unrelated class levels through the use of skill points in the future.  If a Ranger took Profession: hunter and then later took a level of rogue skirmisher, choosing Profession: hunter, those free ranks will stack.  However, if taking a level of sorcerer, it would not fit to choose hunter, although shaman, witchdoctor, or sorcerer, might be acceptable ranks to advance.

Hobby ranks:  (Instead use background skills rules per Paizo)
Characters will be granted 2SP + INT modifier (min 1SP) of hobby ranks.
Hobby ranks function in most cases like skill ranks.  However, they are granted the bonus for class skills.  (They can be bought in skills that are class skills, but those ranks are not eligible for the Class skill bonus.  If calls SP are spent on the skill... any Hobby ranks become superseded.  (at the discretion, the GM might allow them to be retrained at the next level advancement)  Hobby ranks are slightly different in that they always have a max rank of 3, no mater what level the character is.

Additionally, up to 1 Hobby rank per level can be distributed to the player through play due to exposure to certain skills in play, given their opportunity to learn them.  These are not automatic, and are at the discretion of the GM.

Hobby ranks should be bought in skills that are relevant to the character's growing up.  It cannot be used to buy Use Magic Device, Fly (unless they have the ability to fly), Linguistics (to buy a secret languages), or Spellcraft.

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Wed 19 Jul 2017
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With the creation of the Background Skills rules which I don't believe was out back then, I think I will utilize them over my original Hobby ranks, which the Background Skills rules are an attempt to remedy the same situation.  I may still choose to utilize the option of as GM granting a single 'hobby' rank for a particular skill characters are exposed to in adventuring, if the storyline in my impression dictates it is appropriate.  I will determine then, if it happens if such ranks get class bonuses, or can be built upon further.

Primary changes switching to background skills rules, lose int modifier for the former hobby ranks, and former hobby ranks will be eligible for class bonuses as background skills.  Need not eliminate current hobby ranks bought via INT bonus, but they will instead get paid for as you level up instead.

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Sun 23 Jul 2017
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One thing that can make solo campaigns more difficult is how certain abilities which might temporarily incapacitate a single opponent, suddenly creates a much more serious impact when only one member is in the party.

While hirelings could lessen this issue some, it would still leave the player incapacitated and potentially unable to impact the game (which players impacting it is the main purpose of the game, so not ideal).  As a result, I've found giving a player an option to have a secondary character helps with this some.  Even if a particular character is temporarily incapacitated, they have the ability to direct things through their secondary character or sidekick.

For purposes of the sidekick if wanted, lets plan on generating them either using 20point buy, or best 3 of 4d6 for each stat.  I'm fine with them utilizing the pseudo-gestalt option or not, whatever seems to work out best for the story.  As we are starting 1st level, they will as well, but I might have them lag a slight bit behind the primary character.  They should probably be loyal to the primary character, but should also be realistic, and have their own goals and expectations.

Another thing which can be utilized if they so choose, would be having an animal/pet traveling with you.  It would simply be a trained animal so you'd have to make handle animal rolls, without the typical bonuses that druids or rangers normally have for such checks.  However, they will choose of course to defend themselves naturally.  To strengthen the party, the first such natural pet chosen, will be of surprisingly strong specimen, letting them start out with full HP for their first HD instead of the typical average rounded down.  (subsequent HD after the first are either advanced by average, or by roll, as chosen by the player)  You can purchase more than one guard animal, for instance, but only the first get the boost mentioned above.