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Wed 16 Jun 2010
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Chapter 2.2: Caveat Emptor...

Chapter 2.2: Caveat Emptor...

Bear and "the" Luka carried their baggage to their rooms, a feat made a bit more interesting by the large tool chest belonging to the mechanic.  The hotel had no elevator, and the stairway provided a formidable obstacle that was only successfully negotiated through the liberal use of Bear's impressive musculature.  His already-cramped hotel room became positively claustrophobic with the introduction of the chest, and emphasized the need to find a ship as soon as possible.

Luka's situation proved to be much less traumatic.  Having grown up on spaceships, he was quite accustomed to cramped quarters.  Perhaps the most unnerving thing to him was the lack of vibration normaaly caused by a ship's engine.  Aboard a ship, such quiet tranquility was a cause for alarm, it meant you were adrift.

Once situated, Bear and Luka joined Cole to sally forth in quest of a ship.

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Luka Emile Gabor
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Mon 21 Jun 2010
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Re: Chapter 2.2: Caveat Emptor...
[In The Bar Still]

"This 'Chicken With Alcohol' of which you speak. I believe I will have some!", said a hungry gypsy. "I am sure that the Chinese is sounding more poetic, but the tasty is the important, no?"

"Dear Engineer! I am hoping to get truly filthy in the guts of a ship. Maybe it will be that we are finding a good one. It is good to have some fixing before the flying. It gives one a chance to get acquainted!"
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Thu 24 Jun 2010
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Re: Chapter 2.2: Caveat Emptor...
Bear didnít mind his cramped quarters.  His beloved tools were near, and safe, and that was all that mattered for the moment.  Besides which, they would soon be getting their own ship and breaking Atmo, and he would sleep on nails and a tool kit, if he had to in order for that to happen.  He soon met with Luka, and he could not help but smile at the flamboyant fellow, despite his having appeared to dress down.

He offered Luka another handshake, his hand engulfing the other manís, and nodded.  ĒAye, Iím hopiní for much the same.  Itís been a fair spell since Iíve had to overhaul a rust bucket, aní thatís good for the brain and the elbows, if yeh take my meaniní.Ē  Bear smirked, ĒItís likely to be a cargo hauler oí some kind, if weíre meaniní tíwork, but Iíll wait aní see what our First Mate says tílook out for.Ē

Bear rubbed his hands together, eager to get started.
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Thu 24 Jun 2010
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Re: Chapter 2.2: Caveat Emptor...
(Celestial Dragon Hotel-dining room)

Cole welcomed the pilot and engineer to his table and together they sampled the hotel's luncheon fare while they discussed plans for the afternoon.  The two new crewmembers were obviously ready to get dirty if necessary, which spoke well of their commitment and professionalism.

Cole looked from face to face as he ate and outlined their objectives.  "As you know, we haven't had much luck so far findin' a ship.  I'm hopin' that you two might have some contacts hereabouts that we might go to for some under-the-counter references."  As he chewed, he pointed at his plate with his chopsticks.  "You gotta try this lemon chicken...I think it's chicken...really tasty.  Anyway, our first preference is to find a ship to buy.  So far, anything for sale has been way too expensive or has been piles of junk.  If we can't find a decent ship for a decent price, our next preference will be to find one that needs a crew, and we can sign on.  The Captain took a risk, takin' on such a big might limit the ships that we'd be interested in.  But he wanted versatility so that we'd be ready to take on any job without havin' to spend the time to go out and find the right crew."  Taking a last bite, Cole wiped his mouth with his napkin and tossed the cloth onto the table.  He pushed back in his chair, slapping his thighs with his hands.  "Well, let's git goin'.  If you got any contacts, let me know as we walk."  He heaved himself to his feet and headed for the door leading out into the street.

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Luka Emile Gabor
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Sat 26 Jun 2010
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Re: Chapter 2.2: Caveat Emptor...
Rising at the end of his lunch along with Jackson, "I am knowing nobody local. If there are my people about, perhaps they know of something."

"Back on First Dirt, there were clans of Roma who bred and traded in horses."
said Luka, smiling at the history. "A ship is not so different I think."
Cole Jackson
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Sat 26 Jun 2010
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Re: Chapter 2.2: Caveat Emptor...
Cole couldn't help but wonder what horses had to do with ships.  One was a land based animal the other a mechanical transport for space usage.  And you couldn't breed ships.  Cole knew about breeding horses, but ships?  Luka was definitely an odd one.

Stacey's arrival caught Cole's attention.  He motioned to the captain.

"Gents, I need a quick word with our captain 'fore we begin our search," he said to the pilot and mechanic.  "I'll meet you outside in two shakes."

With that, he moved toward the captain.

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Sun 27 Jun 2010
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Re: Chapter 2.2: Caveat Emptor...
(Celestial Dragon Lobby)
(From Have I Got a Deal For You...)

As Cole approached, Stacey spoke to Gregory apologetically then nodded to his first mate. "How can I help Mr Jackson?"

The Captain walked with Cole to a quiet corner of the lobby where their voices could not be overheard and spoke to him quietly.

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