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Wed 15 Sep 2010
at 13:39
Chapter 3: If It Looks Like a Duck...

If It Looks Like a Duck, and Quacks Like a Duck, It's a Duck!

Lin was up earlier than usual.  She knew that the crew was leaving that day, and she had developed a certain attachment to them.  She wanted everything to be right for their departure, so she made sure that the coffee and tea were prepared, and had even dug up a thermos that she would fill with coffee to go with them.  She had double checked with big Chu to make sure Mama would be available at about 9:00, and she made a mental note to tell Captain Yanoro when he came down.  She had even assigned a couple of the younger Fongs to stand outside the hotel to chase away any vehicles and keep the curb open for Bradshaw's transport vehicles to park when they came to pick up the crew.

Finally satisfied just as the sun was rising, she returned to the desk to await the arrival of the morning breakfast crowd.
Burne Catweazle
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Wed 15 Sep 2010
at 14:33
Burne stretched out on the small cot in their shared berth.   It was good to have gotten the last few hours rest.   She cleaned herself in what passed for the showers and got changed, packing yesterday's clothes into a bag.

She gave Frank a "Good morning," and then some privacy.   Outside she flipped a boy one of her gold, to summon her a rikshaw.  "One that's clean," she reminded him.

She wanted to be prepared to leave as soon as Frank was ready.
Cole Jackson
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Wed 15 Sep 2010
at 21:08
Re: Breakfast
(Cole's Room)

Cole rolled out of bed at a better hour this morning.  Having stopped drinking after seeing the news, his head was much clearer than the morning before.  Reaching down, he grabbed a clean shirt from his trunk followed by a pair of pants.  He went for utility over look, knowing that he was likely to get dirty while checking the ship.  Security was his funciton, after all.  Pulling on the cargo pants, Cole put on his boots, splashed some water on his face and chest, and then pulled the shirt over his head.

Taking the few extra minutes, Cole made sure all of his belongings were packed.  Not a huge feat as everything was always neatly stored, ready for action at any time.  Regardless, he checked them again.  Then, knowing that time would be short, he placed his pistol right by the door so that he could grab it quickly when they were ready to go.  His jacket and hat were laid on the bed, ready to go.

"Time for coffee," Cole then said, exiting the door and locking it behind him.

Passing the front desk, Cole gave Lin a tilt of his imaginary hat and a wink.

"Fixing to be a right nice day, Lin," Cole said with a smile on his face.  Turning so that he continued to face the desk as he walked toward the lounge, he continued, "Shame I won't likely be seeing you after this morning."

Reaching the lounge, Cole sat at a table large enough for the crew.  When the waitress came by, he placed an order for a big breakfast.  He was not sure when lunch would be and knew that he'd need his energy today.
Makani Ano
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Wed 15 Sep 2010
at 21:38
Re: Breakfast
(Makani and Lydia's room)

Makani began her last day at the Celestial Dragon as she had with most of her days, only today she showered first and only warmed up.  If time permitted she would be dancing.  She prepared herself, thinking of the dance and the meaning of each move, meditating on the prayer behind the dance.

She checked to see if Lydia was getting ready.  It would not do to be late.  As her Lei Hulu prepared for the day, Makani made sure the presents were ready.

She hesitated slightly as she looked at the tea.  She remembered the peace and beauty that surrounded the tea's blossoming, and the nightmare that brushed their lives.  Kinny was gone, and once they were safely aboard their new ship, she would dance for the doctor's passing.

But that would be something for later.  Today she would dance in gratitude and prayerfulness for their hostess.
Jin Chu
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Wed 15 Sep 2010
at 22:06
Re: Breakfast
(Jin's Room)

Jin was up bright and early (or at least early), showered and dressed with time left to check her bags, in particular the valuable computer equipment before she headed down for breakfast.  She had no intention of going climbing all over the ship but wanted to get a feel for the vessel without catching any of her nicer clothing on pieces of metal that weren't quite flush to the bulkheads or anything equally inconvenient.  She didn't see Rooney having left the place in any kind of a mess for his passengers, if they were paying good money then they could expect to have as smooth and comfortable service as he could provide.  Still, better to be safe.  Jin had a pair of jeans on, still neatly pressed and lacking the slightly ragged hems that such trousers seemed to acquire even with light use.  A soft green shirt and jacket, her usual fingerless gloves and a clip holding her fringe back off her face.  She glanced in the mirror and smiled, satisfied with her reflection.  A little silver locked nestled under her shirt, the chain just visible over the collar.  Her fingers drifted to touch the slight bump it made in the fabric, a gesture of comfort.

She walked down the stairs with her mind elsewhere, making lists of things she was sure she had already packed and wandering what she might find on the ship.  Jin offered a slightly sleepy smile of greeting to Lin at the front desk.  A part of her mind hoped fervently that the vid screens would be off this morning, or at least that the news would have found something new to stream, she had slept well enough but the images had occasionally interrupted her dreams.  Strolling into the main lounge, Jin snagged a cup of tea and drifted over to join Cole.  "Morning."  She greeted him absently, intent on inhaling the caffeine scented steam from her cup.
Cole Jackson
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Wed 15 Sep 2010
at 22:46
Re: Breakfast
(Golden Dragon Lounge)

"Well good morning to you, little lady," Cole said over his coffee.  "Ain't it a wonderful day?"

There could be no mistaking Cole's good mood.  His face was lifted, his voice chipper, and his attitude was, he was hoping, infectious.  The news from yesterday was still on his mind, but Cole couldn't wait to get into the Black.  Get away from this planet and all the go se that the Alliance was causing.

Leaning back, Cole took another drink of his coffee.