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Wed 12 May 2010
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The 'Verse

Maps of the ‘Verse

This thread contains maps of the ‘Verse that we will be using.  The structure of the ‘Verse is a subject that has been debated and argued ever since the beginning of the TV series, and several versions/interpretations have been developed over the years.  QMX finally published an “official” version of the “Verse, and as could be expected, it differed significantly from every other version that had been used up until then.  However, since they are the only folks that seem to be able to publish “official” Firefly/Serenity merchandise, we’ll be using their version in this game.  I’ve include scans from their published map, but since I was unable to get the scans as clear as I would have liked, I have also included much clearer maps based on the QMX map, but developed by and posted on the excellent Wydraz Web resource website.  The QMX scans are better looking, but the Wydraz maps are easier to read.

Briefly, the ‘Verse as we know it is a small star cluster of five main stars, each having both an English name and a Chinese name.  Each of these stars represents individual star systems as well, with each having numerous celestial bodies of various types in orbit.

Name of star (English)           Name of star (Chinese)            Name of system
White Tiger                                        Bai Hu                               White Sun
Red Phoenix                                      Zhu Que                             Red Sun
Yellow Dragon                                   Huang Long                        Georgia
Black Tortoise                                    Xuan Wu                            Kalidasa
Blue Dragon                                      Qing Long                           Blue Sun

The three names are frequently used interchangeably by people of the ‘Verse.

The White Sun system is considered to be “The Core”, the Red Sun and Georgia systems are considered to be “The Border”, and the Blue Sun and Kalidasa systems are “The Rim”.

Returning players (from the Serenity: Hard Burn game) may recall that a different (but similar) Wydraz map was used in our earlier game.  Please use the enclosed brain wipe suppositories to eliminate any memory of that map, and pretend that we were using the new “official” version all along.  QMX also has published a 106-page “The Verse in Numbers”, which gives a detailed account of the discovery of the ‘Verse, a time line describing how the ‘Verse was terraformed, and some detail on the planets, moons, and various other celestial bodies found in the heavens.  Here’s the link for those of you who have no social life and enjoy headaches:

For now, I’m only posting the maps for the Kalidasa System (where our story begins), and more general maps of the ‘Verse for orientation purposes.  Should we journey to other systems, I’ll post additional maps, as appropriate.

There will be a test on all this later.