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Wed 12 May 2010
at 05:44
Puppet Theater (OOC)

Welcome to Serenity: Infinite Mischief!  For those of you who are new to my games, the Puppet Theater thread is the OOC thread.  Please use it as appropriate.  For returning players, the Puppet Theater thread is the…oh, never mind.

A few words of explanation may be in order here to orient prospective players and returning veterans and to avoid misunderstandings, lest mass confusion reign, resulting in serious neurological disorders and bouts of constipation, which few of us want.  The “Prologue” thread provides the starting point for the players returning from my previous game on RPoL, Serenity: Hard Burn.  Hopefully, any potential players out there will be able to read it and figure out what transpired in said previous game.  It should also give folks who are interested in joining a taste of the game, and help decide if they want to drop a RTJ.  Returning veterans will be able to jump in and start playing, while I work with the new applicants to get their character profiles developed (see the “Joining the Game/Character Creation” thread).

Note for returning players:

Welcome back!  I hope you are in the mood for another rip-rousing adventure in the Black!  If not, go away now, and no one will think less of you except me and everyone else.  Actually, I just hope I can bring you another moderately interesting game that will hold your attention (short as it may be) for a while.  Everyone will be glad to hear that this game contains no plot twists or devious surprises, and definitely no intrigue, mysteries, or reasons to be suspicious of anyone or anything.


Anyway, you may have noticed that the game board already has a lot of threads, some of which are rather lengthy.  I’ve eliminated a separate website that contains the rules, procedures, RTJ info, and map of the ‘Verse, and instead I’ve placed them here on the game board.  To new players, all of it is info they need to know, and this makes it a bit easier for them, rather than having to go to another website.  Hopefully, it won’t be too intimidating and scare players away.

For y’all, however, most of these threads are old news, and you really don’t need to spend much time on them.  Still, it may behoove you to review them, just as a refresher.  The Campaign Log, Puppet Theater (OOC) threads are the same as in Hard Burn.  The Background thread has changed slightly toward the end.  The General Rules, and Joining the Game/Character Creation threads are of limited relevance to y’all…you already know the general rules, and you’re already in the game with existing characters.  Anyone wishing to play a new character, however, will need to read the character creation material.  The biggest change is the The ‘Verse thread.  We’ll be using a new map of the ‘Verse, and this thread is where you’ll find maps of the star systems.

It will be a little while before new players start appearing.  The initial activity will revolve around you existing characters, so feel free to jump right in, both in-game (once I open the Chapter 1 thread) and OOC.  As soon as you RTJ, I’ll transfer your character sheets (minus equipment) from Hard Burn.  You can choose a new portrait if you like, and you’ll need to fill out the character description info as well.  Go ahead and make any additions or deletions that you want to your character sheets, as well.

To ensure that everyone is using the same time reference, here’s an easy-to-follow explanation of the days since the end of Serenity: Hard Burn, as described in the “Prologue” thread.  If the Bettencourt rendezvous happened on Sunday, the crew arrived at The Celestial Dragon on Sunday afternoon.  Everyone stayed at the hotel that night.

Monday – Greaseball, Erin, and Scott depart, never to return.
                 Greg returns to the abbey, moving out of the hotel.
                 Stacey, Cole, Horace, Will, Makani, and Lydia stay at the hotel, do some
                 shopping, look for a ship/work.

Tuesday – Horace and Will depart, never to return.
                 Stacey, Cole, Makani, and Lydia still at hotel, doing the same as on Monday.

Wednesday – Start game…Stacey and crew meet with Mama Fong.

Remember that Cole and Greg have spent time at the hotel/bar before, so are familiar with the main NPC’s there.

As usual, folks are free to make any comments, suggestions, or ask any questions at any time.  Glad to have y’all back, and I hope you enjoy the game!!

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Stacey Yanoro
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Thu 13 May 2010
at 13:16
Re: Puppet Theater (OOC)
Excited to be involved again and glad to be the first in OOC - looking forward to seeing old crew mates again, and even a few new ones.

Shan - I like your thread heading pictures.