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Mon 7 Feb 2011
at 13:18
Part 5 - That went well...
The rest of the journey back to Ker Zaineer goes without incident, though the occupants of the transport are forced to retain their breath masks for a while, as a couple of holes are plugged with anything that can be found in the vehicles equipment locker.

Before the group gets back to the Ker Zaineer, night has fallen, and the glow from the city lights is clearly visible as the transport and the two attendant swoops crest the pass through the final range of mountains.

If there is any major Imperial activity in the city, it is very low profile.  Stormtroopers are not in evidence as the vehicles make their way to the space port.

The cargo is dropped off, and loaded quickly onto the Dancing Bantha.  Reldan Jalt starts making preparations for getting the ship off the ground and away from Dateen in record time.  Jihon Mogg finds himself a place to rest up, and Shisskurr checks the dressing on the besalisk's wound.  Or that's the story... in reality, the trandoshan is acting as a guard for their unexpected passenger - Tfalta Dawl is also on the ship, having been told to sit down and be quiet.  The Jedi appears happy to comply, and is even taking the opportunity to have a peaceful nap.

Rhijan's Thanus meanwhile heads for Jektoo Zaerd's vehicle rental establishment, hoping that the rhodian businessman won't be too shocked by the state of his vehicles.  The two rented swoops are inside the transport, since their pilots are currently busy attending to other matters.

At Tfalta's suggestion, the third swoop is also in there, making things a little crowded.

OOC: Anybody else who wants to go along with Rhijans is also squeezed into the transport, otherwise they are back at the ship, helping with guard duty.
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Mon 7 Feb 2011
at 13:41
Re: Part 5 - That went well...
Perfectly happy to stay far away from their 'guest', Shard decides to accompany Rhijan to drop off the transport.  Plunking herself down in the passenger seat of the vehicle, she closes her eyes and leans back, enjoying the fading remnants of post arrival-celebration - a quick draining of the contents of her flask before refilling it.

"I have a feeling your friend Zaerd isn't going to be too pleased with us," she mutters, tapping the transport's door.  "Took a bit of a beating out there.  Good thing it's pretty obviously blaster scarring."
Rhijans Thanus
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Mon 7 Feb 2011
at 16:53
Re: Part 5 - That went well...
Rhijans shrugged.  "As I recall, when we originally inquired, he did offer us an option that had a weapon...of sorts.  I suspect he knew about the swoop gang.  In any event, unless he's trying to talk us into buying the transport outright, I think I can afford a 'repair surcharge'.Although I'm DEFINITELY turning in a reimbursement request...

Well, if Dawl actually was a Jedi...he snorted softly to himself at the least the chain of command would be pleased with the bonus on the deal.

And they still had to break orbit and get away clean.  It was too early to start celebrating, just yet.  They'd managed to beat any overt Imperial pursuit here, but the Empire still held the high ground of orbit, and they couldn't relax until the ship was past that point and still unnoticed.

One thing at a time, he reminded himself.  Zaerd first...
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Fri 11 Feb 2011
at 05:09
Re: Part 5 - That went well...
Mark Jacobs remained at the transport with the jedi guest. He didn't say a word to her, but kept a watchful eye. When the woman took an opportunity to nap, Mark relaxed and closed his eyes for a moment.
Jektoo Zaerd
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Mon 14 Feb 2011
at 09:48
Re: Part 5 - That went well...
"No, is very much bad."

The honest rhodian businessman studies the hull of the repulsorlift carefully, walking all around it, and even peering under the belly of the vehicle.  Finally he stops, "Too much damage.  Only good for scrapyard, hyou understant?" he turns away from the customers, "I can tell hyou best plates to take it, if hyou are interesded?  I will nod take."

His eyes lock on the transport just coming into the lot, the one he had hired out earlier today for a run to Ker Aldas.  It looks to have taken some damage, and he doesn't see the swoops.  Jektoo Zaerd's shoulders slump, he had half expected the transport to come back with a few scars, but to lose the swoops... unless the customers are still using them, and will bring them back in later?  He can only hope.

Behind him the non-customers start their struggling vehicle and head out of the lot, while Jektoo Zaerd crosses to where Rhijans is parking the transport.

"Good night to hyou my frients.  Hyou meeted trouble on road?"

Rhijans Thanus
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Mon 14 Feb 2011
at 09:49
Re: Part 5 - That went well...
Rhijans shrugged.  "It was an interesting drive, but nothing too extreme.  We've even got a little surprise for you, although you might want to be careful about what you do with it."

He walked around to the back of the transport, and popped the cargo hatch, revealing the two swoops they'd taken originally...and the one they captured on the way back.  "One of yours took a hit...still operational, but it needs some attention.  But we found this one, which seems to operate just fine.  I'm not sure if the previous owner will be looking for it or not, but I'm sure he's got some friends who would be very grumpy if they found it here."  His gaze was level, as if he was commonly in the practice of transacting business about blaster-scarred vehicles and equipment.

He nodded into the transport and added, "Oh, and you'll probably need to detail the interior.  I'm sure there's a few hundred of those seeds in odd corners."  Beyond that, he offered no further explanation as to why the transport had been opened while out in the 'danger zone' of the planet.

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