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Mon 20 May 2013
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Part 13 - Mothessh
The trip to Dor-Tennia, and the transfer from the shuttle to the Dancing Bantha both go smoothly.  Reldan jalt actually sighs in relief as he drops into the YT-2400's pilot seat.  Long familiarity and the gradual permanent compression of some of the springs have moulded it to fit him exactly.  If asked he would declare, and he'd only be half joking, that he could even with his eyes covered and the lights off he could tell if he was on the Dancing Bantha or not by the way it feels when he sits down...

An uneventful flight (with the pilot taking every opportunity to tell his ship that it's much better than any others, all of which are garbage scows compared to it) and they're dropping into the atmosphere of Mothessh.

Dense green jungle stretches endlessly below the ship as it swoops across the landscape, only a little above tree height, to stay below the equally dense cloud cover.  A low mountain range rears ahead, all smoothly rounded crests and no towering jagged peaks.  Old.

The ship flies into a valley that snakes through the mountains, and a sharp turn sees it flying into a side valley and through a curtain of falling water and into a large cavern.

Defiance Base.  Home, for the moment.

Techs hurry forward to service the Dancing Bantha, accompanied by a woman who has occasionally been in the background at some of the mission briefings.  "The Colonel sends his regards, and instructions to get yourselves cleaned up and grab a bite to eat.  Debriefing will be in one hour, in his office."

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