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Mon 24 Mar 2014
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Part 15 - Home of the Hutt
From space Carodol looks pleasant enough (not that any of the passengers is in a position to view it).  Spiralling cloud patterns above expanses of blue-green ocean and an approximately equal area of land surface, mostly in shades of green and brown.

From inside the atmosphere, it becomes clear that much of that land surface is mountains and high moorland, dotted with areas of forest.  There is one major city, located in one of the lowland areas on the northern coast of one of the larger continents.  The city hugs the shoreline, with a space port located about a kilometer inland from it.

For the passengers aboard the Gundark's Dream, some of whom are starting to become a little stir crazy, the rattling of the ship as it descends through the atmosphere is not nearly as welcome as Karja's announcement over the internal speakers that they will be landing soon.

"We're on our final approach now, get your gear together.  I should warn you, we won't be landing at the main port.  Oomba owns his own private island, and anybody who wants to speak to him has to do it there, at his palace.  He also has a private port on a nearby island, which is where we'll be landing.  Then you'll be able to arrange a skiff to ferry you over to the palace."

"Word of advice - I've been here before, but you're strangers as far as I know.  Don't take the first skiff you're offered, it will probably be overpriced.  Same goes for the second one.  Third one too, probably, but that one should be more acceptable."

With a final thump, the ship stops rattling as the drives start to ease down...

Two of the crew, both of them armed with blaster pistols, come through the hatch and take the elevator down to the lower hold, were they move forward and activate the cargo lock...