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Fri 4 Jun 2010
at 22:11
Game Background

Brief notes on the background for this game.  Further information can be found here.

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Sat 5 Jun 2010
at 09:45
Game Background -  Mothessh
Name:             Mothessh.
Type:             Terrestrial.
Temperature:      Hot.
Atmosphere:       Type 1 (breathable).
Hydrosphere:      Moist.
Gravity:          Standard.
Terrain:          Jungle, wetlands.
Length of Day:    27 standard hours.
Length of Year:   490 local days.
Sapient Species:  None (Humans).
Starport:         None (Limited).
Population:       None (250).
Planet Function:  None (Hidden base).
Government:       None (Alliance military).
Tech Level:       None (Space age).
Major Exports:    None.
Major Imports:    None (Foodstuffs, medical goods, spacecraft parts, weapons).

Located in the Outer Rim Territories, two orange stars (named Deentes A and Deentes B) are orbited by three planets (of which Mothessh is the outermost) and a sparse asteroid belt.  The system lays just outside Bereneshi Sector, close to the edge of Hutt Space.  Although, technically, within Imperial territory, neither the Hutts nor the Imperials pay much attention to it, because surveys have, long ago, confirmed that there is nothing there which would be considered worth having.  The system does not lay on any trade routes.

Mothessh is a hot world, mainly consisting of vast tracts of swamp and jungle, interspersed with broad, shallow, highly-saline seas.  Both the land and the seas are filled with all manner of dangerous lifeforms.  Many of those animals (and even a few of the plants) are venomous, to one degree or another.  The animals that aren't venomous tend to be fast moving, agile, and equipped with various claws, horns, and fangs.  Add to which the swarms of biting insects (some of which are also venomous and/or carry disease) and it soon adds up to a simple truth.

All in all, Mothessh is not a pleasant place to live.

There is no indigenous population.

Beneath a range of low mountains which rise above the forests is a secret Rebel Alliance facility: Defiance Base.  From there, Rebels carry out operations against Imperial assets in and around Bereneshi Sector.
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Sat 5 Jun 2010
at 12:15
Game Background - Defiance Base
A network of caverns a kilometre below a range of mountains in Mothessh's southern hemisphere houses a Rebel base.

The base entrance is via a large cave at the upper end of a narrow gorge, and leads into a series of tunnels and chambers, which have been heavily modified to make them more suitable as a base.  A set of heavy blast doors separate the entrance cave from the inner chambers and passages.  Those doors are protected by two Atgar Anti-Vehicle Tower Emplacements, and by a number of small turrets mounting E-Web Repeating Blasters.

The base is not one of the Alliance's major strongholds.  As a result, it has only limited access to spacecraft - Z-95 Headhunters and a handful of Y-Wings, though there are rumours circulating almost constantly that a squadron of X-Wings will be delivered soon.  The Z-95s, lacking hyperdrives, are limited to defensive operations only, unless a means is found to transport them to other systems.

Other ships which can be found at Defiance Base are mostly transports belonging to Alliance sympathisers and even a few smugglers, who bring in supplies and equipment.

Defiance Base is under the command of Colonel Lias Kourene, a former member of the Old Republic's military.  While Colonel Kourene is aware that Defiance is not one of the galaxy's primary Alliance facilities, he is determined to do the best he can with the limited resources available to him.
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Sat 12 Jun 2010
at 13:23
Game Background - Berenishi Sector

Scale: 1 grid square = 10 parsecs.

Bereneshi Sector is one of the more remote regions of the Empire.  It is located in the Outer Rim Territories, close to the border with Hutt Space.  Although of little strategic or economic importance, Moff Kivost, the local Imperial administrator, has continually pushed for improvement of this situation.  As a result, Bereneshi is slowly gaining in influence.  The administrative centre of the sector, Kaltenork (G-06) has, for example, recently become the site for an Imperial research project, looking into ways to improve the reliability of droid processors.

A trade lane, running from Hutt Space to the Outer Rim passes through the sector.

Further information can be found here.

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Thu 24 Jun 2010
at 19:08
Re: Game Background - Native Species of Berenishi Sector
There are six races which have their homeworlds in the Berenishi Sector.

They are:
  • The Cendiri.
    Homeworld:  Cendirirs (C-08)

  • The Erichok
    Homeworld:  Erithe (C-02)

  • The Kethad
    Homeworld:  Kethed (H-08)

  • The Osad'in
    Homeworld:   Os (I-09)

  • The Sior
    Homeworld:  Sior-Shinom (C-07)

  • The Stochok
    Homeworld:  Erithe (C-02)

Note that two of the species, the Erichok and the Stochok share a homeworld.  This situation has not always been amicable.

For more information see here.