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Sun 8 Dec 2019
at 22:07
Part 23 - Errand of Mercy
As You-Why goes off to find Kourene, the thoughts of the rest of the group turn to Tfalta Dawl.

While it is known than the Twi'lek is somewhere on the base, unless she is on a mission somewhere (or, more dangerously, out in the surrounding jungle), her exact whereabouts are currently unknown.  At least to anybody in the room...

So a plan may be necessary...
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Mon 9 Dec 2019
at 11:06
Part 23 - Errand of Mercy
Still despondent, You-Why's predicament a stone about her neck, Shard moodily considers the baby.  There's not a whole lot they can do for their friend at the moment, but perhaps they might reunite child and mother.  "I have no idea where Child's mother might be," she slowly begins, "but Child might know."

Rhijans is going to hate this; rather, he's going to find it all a load of bantha piles, as he doesn't really hate anything but inefficiency, it seems.

"I strongly doubt I'm skilled enough to find her," she begins, somewhat neutrally, before throwing caution to the wind and just diving.  If people judge, so be it. "And I don't have any kind of real relationship with Dawl, other than persuading most of the others on the team not to shoot her."  Rhijans not included. "So I'm really stuck for reaching for her through the Force." Here, she turns her gaze on Haarmon and Child.  "Which isn't to say that others can't."

Haarmon might; he showed natural ability far beyond hers when first he touched Shard's mind.  But she won't decide for him to try; she's a teacher, not a 'master'.  And there is another.

"But Child's natural ability far, far outstrips my trained skill."  It's not so hard an admission to make as she once thought it would be; facts are facts, and Shard gave up balancing her self-worth on her connection to the Force a long time ago.  It just took a while for her ego to fully catch on.  "AND there's a distinct connection.  Maybe Child can find her."
Rhijans Thanus
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Mon 9 Dec 2019
at 17:16
Part 23 - Errand of Mercy
Rhijans' face remained decidedly neutral as Shard spoke.  There was a time he would have dismissed the idea out of hand...but he'd seen enough that, while he didn't place any faith in the Force, personally, he had accepted that there was something out there that others called the Force, and there were things they could do with it.

Sometimes, anyway.  Their faith in it still hadn't overcome his drive for pragmatic measures...and they fell back on the pragmatic approach often enough that he had plenty of faith in that.

"Do what you need to do in here.  I'll go see if the Deck Officer knows if Dawl is on the base, or gone off-world..."

He started for the exit hatch, in no particular hurry.  There wasn't anything he could contribute to their efforts here, but he might be able to get some answers in a more practical method.