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Mon 5 Jul 2010
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About the dice...
The dice roller has been set up to roll properly for the Star Wars RPG, one die out of any set you roll will be automatically treated as a Wild Die.  If the Wild Die comes up 6, it will be added and rerolled, and will keep going as long as it gets sixes.  If it comes up 1, the highest other die will be automatically discounted.

Just a few things to bear in mind...

Reaction Skills: Because you won't necessarily know what is going to happen to your character, I will make any required reaction rolls, such as dodging, parrying, and resisting injuries.  This will, hopefully, help to keep things running fairly smoothly.

Force Points: Decide that you are spending a Force Point to roll twice as many dice for all subsequent rolls in that round.  This only applies to rolls made for things which come from the character, such as skills and attributes, not to such things as weapon damage.

Character Points: Decide to spend a Character Point before or after making a roll.  Make a second roll immediately after the original one, using just 1D, and add the result to the first roll.  The second roll is an extra Wild Die, but in this case a 1 has no effect.