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Wed 25 Aug 2010
at 15:50
Shameless Plugs
Got a game you want to advertise?  Feel free to post a plug for it here...
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Wed 25 Aug 2010
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Re: Shameless Plugs
And just to get the ball rolling...

Cuz they say two thousand zero zero party over
Oops out of time
So tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1999
- Prince

New York, October 31st 1999.


But not just any old Halloween.  In popular imagination, at least, it's the last Halloween of the Millennium.

If the tabloids are to be believed, in just two months, all the lights will go out, every computer in the world will crash, civilisation will fall, dogs and cats will lay down together, there will be a great wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Some say the Antichrist is already here.  They point to various people - Saddam Hussein, Ozzy Osbourne, William Jefferson Clinton, Bill Gates... all popular candidates.

The world is going to end.

Of course, not everybody believes that.  There are people who know that exactly the same stuff went on at the end of the last Millennium.  They know because they lived through it, and the world is still here.  To the Kin of the Big Apple, this is just another year.

Or it was... but now some extraordinary events are about to shake that certitude.  Maybe the world is coming to an end.

NightLife - End of Days is a game of urban splatterpunk horror, using Stellar Games NightLife system.

The main rulebook and the following supplements will be used:
  • Magic
  • In The Musical Vein
  • America Afterdark
  • KinRise (parts only)

    Live Fast
Play a Vampyre

                Live Free
           Play a Werewolf

                             Live Forever
                           Play a Sorcerer

link to another game

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Tue 12 Jul 2011
at 22:03
Sometimes players need to be... punished.


That name has haunted your dreams and nightmares since childhood.  Everybody in your home community had heard of Rappan Athuk, and of its sinister reputation.  Tales abound of the treasures that reportedly lay within its depths, and of the horrors which guard them.  Tales which speak of the heroes who have braved the dungeon, and the far smaller number who have returned from such expeditions.

Vast wealth, glory, vengeance for lost friends and loved ones, the defeat of evil, simple curiosity... for whatever reason, you now find yourself in the city of Reme, along with several like-minded companions, preparing to take the road to the infamous Dungeon of Graves, determined that you will achieve your goal, and return to tell the tale...

Or die in the attempt.

D&D 3.0/3.5  link to another game
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Wed 13 Jul 2011
at 08:43
Re: Sometimes players need to be... punished.
I say, punish them all!  You are saying what we all are thinking!
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Fri 1 Feb 2013
at 09:47
Run away to join the circus...

"Step right up!  Step right up!  Welcome to Hanilla's Astounding Travelling Show, the finest collection of peerless performers, breathtaking beasts, and just plain horrific freaks of nature this side of anywhere you ever heard of!"

"Witness inconceivable displays of agility and strength!  See magical wonders beyond compare!  Shudder in horror as you behold the hideous vision which is the three-headed lamb!"

Hanilla Grallisdotta used to be an adventurer, until she took an arrow in...

"Stop that nonsense, right this instant!"

Sorry Hanilla.

Ahem...  Hanilla Grallisdotta used to be an adventurer, until she realised one day that there were more efficient ways to use her time, and earn a little money.  So now she runs a carnival.

It consists of a small circus, a smaller menagerie of (mostly) harmless (though also often hideous) animals, and a number of sideshows, travelling  as a caravan of wagons and pack mules.

The people who travel with the carnival are mostly performers, plus a few labourers, and a handful of guards.  Between them they have an impressive array of combat capabilities and magic at their disposal, which earns them a degree of safety in places where the carnival's name is known.

It also earns them a certain amount of incidental work, helping people out as they travel in and around the Dragon Pass area of Glorantha's northern continent, Genertela.

This game is run using the HeroQuest - Roleplaying in Glorantha rules, published by Issaries Inc and Moon Design Publications.

And here's a link: link to another game
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Sun 20 Oct 2013
at 23:52
Re: Run away to join the circus...
This game looks really interesting, another old school system:

link to another game

From the game ad:

"This is inspired by a TV show from the 1980's: Outlaws where a sherrif and some outlaws are transported from 1886 to 1986 through a mysterious force. Very interesting concept so I will be running a Second Edition Boot Hill Game where the opposite occurs. You are mysteriously transported from 2013 to 1886! You are not sure has caused this or why but you will be transported from modern living and conveniences to the wild west west. How will you cope and survive? How will you be able to adopt to the drastic living conditions and the lost of modern day technology? How you will not pollute the time line? More importantly how will you return home?

This is at heart a western RPG with of course science fiction mystical overtones. This is very similiar to The Wild Wild West. There RPG / campaign will be opened ended meaning that the course of action will be up to the players but there will again be an overall theme.

This is a mature based RPG given the probably violence and gun slinging. Also please sure to read the RTJ thread as whatever items and equipment you will have will need to be discussed and approved in advance."
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Wed 8 Oct 2014
at 14:51
Re: Run away to join the circus...
Hey folks! I'm starting up an Old World of Darkness, all-Ratkin game, focused on craziness, mayhem, and unrestrained violence. I was thinking that, because you're all excellent players, if any of you are into oWoD and/or unrestrained violence, maybe you'd do me the favour of coming over and having a look.

Here's the ad:
link to a message in another game

Here's the game:
link to another game
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Thu 9 Oct 2014
at 11:35
Re: Run away to join the circus...
ALL Ratkin?

Pain daggers for everyone!  Hee hee hee...

Oh, if I weren't incapable of adding a game to my list now, I'd be right there.
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Thu 10 Sep 2020
at 19:07
On Velvet Feet
I slipped into the Dream, and walked to the mountain where Bastet had told me I would find the Manticore.  As I set foot on the scree slope, he appeared, rushing out of his cave to challenge me.  He was huge, and full of burning rage.  Loose stones slid down the mountainside all around me

I pulled the Dream around me, and doubled my size.  Then I doubled it again.  And kept on doubling it until the Manticore started to doubt his ability to defeat me.  Then I did it one more time, just for good measure.  Finally the beast lay quivering on the stones, seeming no bigger than a rat to my vision.  "Who are you?" he growled, paws folded over his eyes, so that he wouldn't have to see the magnificence of my coat.

"I am," I declared, "Mister Fluffy-kins.  But you can call me 'Sir'."

We humans are in danger, every day of our lives.

There are creatures that prey on us. Terrible things which slither into our minds, bringing fear and hatred and anger, until finally the human is just a shell controlled by these negative emotions, and the things, the Boggins, that create them.

All unknown to us, there is a war going on.  A war for our very souls.

The war is being fought, in secret, right under our noses. Yes, the Boggins, and their supernatural allies, are powerful. But humanity has allies too, allies who can see the Boggins and the ghosts and the other enemies, and fight them using martial skills and magical powers.

And it's just as well that those allies exist, because we humans are, for the most part, entirely oblivious to the endless war.

The guardians of humanity live in our homes.

All they ask, in exchange for the service they offer, is a warm bed, food and drink, and to be allowed to play with a ball of yarn occasionally...

On Velvet Feet uses the "Cat (Revised and Expanded)" rules, written by John Wick.  No... not that John Wick.
Buy it, or your cat will push everything off your desk, and hide it all under the fridge!
And use your shoe as a litter box...

This is a game about house cats who protect their owners from Monsters they canít see.
It's a very light system, easy to learn (and just about everything you need to know is included in the board).  So... are you a Cat person?

Linky: link to another game

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