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Thu 27 May 2010
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Fanon A.K.A. Player Created Artefacts, NPCs, Charms...
'Nuff said.
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Thu 27 May 2010
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Re: Fanon A.K.A. Player Created Artefacts, NPCs, Charms...
Found an image the other day, liked it so much I decided to build an artifact around it. It's an Infernal Artifact, Rating 5, with Sapience 3.

Then I used the artifact as a centerpiece for a character :3

Dancing Wasp Stilettos
Forged of Agata and Gilmyne
Artifact 5, Sapience 3 (6 Charms)
Commit 8 Motes, 0 Hearthstone Slots

Base Traits: Kick-Replacement; Speed 4, +2 Accuracy, +7B/L, -1 Defense, Rate 3, M, P

Artifact Powers
Compatible with ANY Martial Art Style as an unarmed attack, provided that martial art would thematically support flashy, ornate and attention-grabbing footwear to be worn with the style in a positive manner. This includes Dreaming Pearl Courtesan Style, Laughing Wounds Style, and Sapphire Veil of Passion Style. Irrelevant Styles should lend towards not permitting this effect. No animal-based style (Save one based upon Wasps) may apply this effect.

Attacks may optionally inflict Lethal or Bashing damage as the user wills.

While worn, the attuned user gains a +3 bonus to their Appearance Attribute for all purposes, including dice limits from Charms. The Maximum favorable Appearance modifier to their social attacks is increased by 2. This applies only to offense.

When making social attacks through the Performance attribute in the context of Dancing, the wearer changes any Dancing Specialty dice and Stunt Dice into automatic successes.

Urge: Attract adoration and worship through dance

Landscape Travel - Allows user to fly at twice their ground movement rate (use speed for movement action type)
Stoke The Flame (use Sapience Rating in place of Temperance) Only functions through dance.
Harrow the Mind - Dances affect those who witness them
Principle of Motion
Hoodwink - Those who look at the beautiful shoes become entranced
Portal - Open a passage while airborne to another airborne location within 30 miles which you can see.
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Thu 27 May 2010
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Re: Fanon A.K.A. Player Created Artefacts, NPCs, Charms...
Hm.  I can contribute, in so far as I can dredge up old charms and knacks I managed to get by an old ST.  Either these are crap or he's some sort of softy, hard for me to tell.

Blade's Blinding Glare

Cost: 2m  Mins: Melee 3, Ess 2 Type: Supplemental

Keywords: Combo-OK

Duration: Instant

Pre-req Charms: Any Melee Excellency

This charm is identical to Observer Deceiving Attack, save that it works for melee attacks instead of thrown attacks. Through this, someone not watching the Solar can see the attack come from a different direction than the angle the Solar attacks from. He may reach around and stab his foe in the front or slash him on the right when he is coming from the left.  While one may construe the attack as having come from the Emperor's trusted adviser instead of the yet hidden Solar, there is no unnatural mental influence behind this attack.


Glorious Works of Might Technique
(This one's probably tragically overcosted, but, I don't remember the rationale for costing it like this)
Requirements: Essence 3, Athletics 3

Cost: 6m

Type: Simple

Duration: One Scene

Keyword: Combo-OK

Prerequisite Charms: Increasing Strength Exercise

Lawgivers' might can cause a simple object to break to pieces in an instant. This charm allows objects to be broken (according to the feats of strength table) as a miscellaneous action rather than a dramatic action.


Steward's Merciful Blows

Cost: ---

Duration: Permanent

Pre-Reqs: Subduing the Honored Foe, Str 3, Ess 3

The Stewards need not slay anyone who comes their way. At their option, they deal bashing damage that does not loop over into lethal.


Luna's Variegated Cloak

Requirements: Changing Plumage Mastery, App 3, Ess 3

The Lunar may, with Changing Plumage Mastery, now change the color of their skin, fur, hair, scales, hide, or what have you to any coloration they desire, natural or otherwise.   Even this knack, however, cannot create a great alteration of patterns or create birthmarks.
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Fri 18 Feb 2011
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Re: Fanon A.K.A. Player Created Artefacts, NPCs, Charms...
Seeking Feedback on this charm, if anyone's interested in doing so.
Knife-Eyes Cowl
Cost: 10m (5m, 1wp); Mins: Essence 4; Type: Simple
Keywords: Crippling, Desecration, Sorcerous, Heretical
Duration: Indefinite (one scene)
Prerequisite Charms: Life Denying Hate and any one of the following: Anonymity Through Propriety or Eloquence in Unspoken Words (theoretically, there could be an appropiate Isordros or Oramus charm that qualifies as a Prerequisite to this one)

Forging twin knives of equal parts Hate, Anonymity and Silence, the Green Sun Prince drives them into his eyes, blinding himself. This inflicts a Crippling effect that blinds him, acting as a secondary cost of the charm. Should he already suffer from such an effect, he may still use this charm. The black Primordial Essence that leaks from his eyes wraps itself around his body, quickly resolving into a elaborate cowl shaped from the un-stuff of the darkness beyond existence. This is an Obvious effect. Should the Heretic stop wearing the cowl for any reason, it shatters as if counterspelled. While wearing the Cowl, the Heretic suffers from an effect functionally identical to Arcane Fate (Siderials page 119), granting him both the bonuses and penalties provided by this state.

As a (Speed 3, DV -1) action, he may pay 5m, 1w and roll (Manipulation + Stealth) adding his Essence in automatic Successes. If the Heretic's successes exceed a character's Dodge MDV, the target is compelled to ignore him for a Scene. The target may not spend Willpower to resist this, instead willingly suffering a Desecration effect granting a number of negative mutation points equal to the Heretic's (Essence), these mutation points can only be spent on the Creature of Darkness Mutation and Derangements. The target picks how the points are spent, subject to the standard Desecration rules. The touch of the darkness beyond existence is corrosive both spiritually and mentally. Beings with a Limit track may instead add a number of points of Limit to their limit track equal to the Heretic's (Essence), if this brings them over 10 points of limit, they break normally and the excess cost is waived.

Oramus and his component souls see through the stealth provided by this charm without cost, while The Ebon Dragon and his component souls pay double to resist.

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Wed 28 Mar 2012
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Re: Fanon A.K.A. Player Created Artefacts, NPCs, Charms...
Here is a first draft charm.  I'd love some feedback on it.  It is specifically weaker than perhaps I would want... I'm considering adding repurchase upgrades to it.

Twisted Alien Architechture Prana
Cost: 10m, 1Ahl
Mins: Essence 2
Type: Simple
keywords: Heretical, Crippling, Obvious, Desecration, Blasphemy
Duration: Infernal's Essence in hours
Prerequisite Charms: First Malfeas Excellency, By Rage Recast(ink monkeys)

When Malfeas first created Gorol, the First Akuma,he encased him in vitriol and resahped his body.  He opened the solar inside out and remade him to be a more fitting subject.

This charm, while it lacks the raw power of the King of Yozis, emulates this act.  By slicing his palm (and taking a point of aggrivated damage), the Green Sun Prince turns his own blood to vitriol which pours out of him in a torrent and encases his victim.  The victim must either be restrained or willing to undergo the change else it fails completly.  If their essence is lower than the Infernal's then they gain a mutation chosen by the infernal. Only one mutation can be endowed each time, and only a mutation up to power of [infernal's essence] xp or bp.  The process takes [Infernal's Essence] hours during which the victim is encased in a cocoon of vitriol.  Once the victim leaves the cocoon, they are forever marked as a creature of darkness.

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