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Posting and Character Guidelines
Following are some guidelines for posting and characters.

  • For the most part, regular descriptive posts are much appreciated. The longer the better. At this time, I generally check posts daily. Don't be afraid to ask OOC questions. I'll try for a narrative post every couple days, if not sooner.

  • Players are required to post at least a couple times a week, or every couple of days when there's combat (to keep the game moving).

  • Character descriptions, where different from the Archetypes, should be a page long. Include stuff like history, physical description (including obviously visible gear and weapons) and attitude. Details like place of origin, speech patterns, any family (living and dead), pre-war profession (where relevant) and education, religion, even a dang middle name are all worthy RP elements.

  • In-Character (IC) dialogue needs to be in another colour. Doesn't matter which, as long as it's consistent for the player. Most GM NPCs will use Aqua.

  • As a personal preference, I don't like addressing players by their character names, out-of-character. (Keeps a little distance between IC and OOC!) Please let me know what you want to be called by, real names are fine, an alias or nickname are cool, too.

  • It's intended that the players take on heroic roles.

  • No infighting in the Posse. Find a way to work things out, you got bigger and scarier things to worry about than each other! Plus, nothing saps the energy of a game like IC or Out-Of-Character (OOC) bickering of the non-good-natured kind.

  • I've never run Deadlands before as a PbP game, so dice-rolling is a little fluid. When players are rolling, generally in combat, they should use this format:

    1.  Next to General there is a dropdown menu.  Select "Keep Highest" and put the number "1" in the blank next to it.
    2.  Check the box for "Reroll Max"
    3.  Check the box for "Record Each Die"
    4.  Put in the reason for your roll.
  •   Occasionally I may make rolls for players, or request they may make rolls. You can always request to make a roll, as well. TNs are kept secret.

  • Chips will be pulled from a set I have at home.

  • PCs can use socially-based Aptitudes, Edges, Miracles, Powers, Rewards, Blessings etc. on NPCs. Likewise, NPCs can use them on you, as well as other PCs. There is some controversy about PCs using such abilities to other PCs. Nevertheless, I will allow it if appropriate. How much you want to abide by it is a matter of good RP, if you RP being influenced or Persuaded by another character that's definitely worth a Fate Chip!

  • Remind me if you play up a Hindrance, as that's worthwhile RP.


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