Whoever Fights Monsters II.   Posted by The Marshall.Group: 0
The Marshall
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Tue 12 Apr 2016
at 06:28
Whoever Fights Monsters II
Everyone was scattered about the room. There are 8 vats, 4 on the left and 4 on the right. Jason and Vundra are in front of the last vat on the left. Jane is on the left side of the room, Trask on the right with Knapp and Schaeffer. Smoker, Rowan and Peter may be located where ever they like.
Smoker Nix
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Tue 12 Apr 2016
at 08:04
Whoever Fights Monsters II
Smoker is somewhere in the middle.
Peter Firecrow
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Tue 12 Apr 2016
at 23:22
Whoever Fights Monsters II
Peter had started to move towards the first left-most door when Jason had made his ominous mention. Peter had stopped and turned back towards the room at that point. Then things started to go to hell. "Aw, hell."

He brought the rifle up and started aiming where the undead was slowly becoming visible.
Increase Trask
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Tue 12 Apr 2016
at 23:40
Whoever Fights Monsters II

Trask turned and raised the Saw into his shoulder at the same time. He levelled the muzzle of the machine gun at the thing crawling out of the vat and when he had a clear shot he would open up on the undead thing.