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The Marshall
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Tue 30 May 2017
at 04:57
Running into the Sun
The vehicles were parked beneath city hall.

Up above, dawn was almost breaking, the sun a glow in the east as the last stars faded in the west.

There was a short delay as a couple of techs from city engineering ran a power lead down the trailer to the rear fighting position to where Trask was stationed in order to trickle-charge the Wolverine's battery from the truck's alternator.

Both the rear and forward fighting stations on the trailer were good protection for 2 people and a weapon on a pintle with gunshields. They were made from sandbags and reinforced with barbed wire and spikes to discourage boarding. They were practically invulnerable to small arms fire. The rear position was armed with an M2HB and also had a wooden box with some Molotov cocktails made from Spook Juice to throw down on close enemies. Front position had a 7.62mm M260 SAW.

As the techs finished, the door to the elevator lobby from the surface opened. Through it walked Fred, the librarian. With him was Brother Edgar, an old member of the Posse! He had been tied up in the summit as the original delegate was killed. But now his role in the negotiations on behalf of Joan and the Church of the Holy Atom, Reformed was complete and he could rejoin the Posse for the next phase.
Smoker Nix
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Tue 30 May 2017
at 08:33
Running into the Sun
Smoker was in his element, fussing around the truck ensuring everything was in top-notch condition.

He looked up to see Fred the Librarian and Brother Edgar, and waved to them.
Brother Edgar
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Tue 30 May 2017
at 13:54
Running into the Sun
Deep in thought when the elevators doors opened Brother Edgar’s exhaustion was evident in the rings around his eyes and the slump of his shoulders. The Summit had taken far too long mostly due to a handful of representatives more interested in their own gains then eliminating the Combine. There were times Edgar had thought about nuking the lot of them but it would cause more problems than it would fix. In the end the alliance was formed and now that he had finished his role there he could focus on personal goals.

Seeing the posse around the vehicles in the bay brought a smile to Edgars face, waving back to Nix Edgar moved to the closest pile of gear grabbed it and headed to the vehicles falling into the old routines he had formed with his posse.

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