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Thu 17 Jun 2010
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Reference Information
Posts, information, images, notes, links and maps are posted here for player and GM reference.

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Tue 6 Jul 2010
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Re: Reference Information
Academia: Occult

Academia: occult tells how much your
hero knows about legendary creatures
and (as this table shows) the Reckoning.
Level Knowledge

1     After the bombs fell, it triggered
      the Reckoning. The Reckoners
      are the Four Horsemen.
2     Evil spirits called manitous carry
      fear to the Reckoners.
3     The Reckoners feed off fear and
      would die without it. The hero
      knows of the Harrowed.
4     A shaman named Raven started
      the Reckoning, freeing the
5     The Reckoners lost, but they sent
      a man named Stone into the
      past to kill the world’s heroes.
      This time, the Reckoners won.
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Wed 7 Jul 2010
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Re: Reference Information

            A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z
       01 |                                                                             |
          +                                                                             +
       02 |                                                                             |
          +                                                                             +
       03 |                                                                             |
          +                                                                             +
       04 |                                                                             |
          +                                                                             +
       05 |                                                                             |
          +                                                                             +
       06 |                                                                             |
          +                                                                             +
       07 |                                                                             |
          +                                                                             +
       08 |                                                                             |
          +                                                                             +
       09 |                                                                             |
          +                                                                             +
       10 |                                                                             |
          +                                                                             +
       11 |                                                                             |
          +                                                                             +
       12 |                                                                             |
          +                                                                             +
       13 |                                                                             |
          +                                                                             +
       14 |                                                                             |
          +                                                                             +
       15 |                                                                             |
          +                                                                             +
       16 |                                                                             |

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Sun 1 Aug 2010
at 00:56
Re: Reference Information

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Sun 8 Aug 2010
at 12:59
Re: Reference Information
New Combat Map:

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Mon 6 Sep 2010
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Re: Reference Information
Dakota Jack's inventory of The Haul:

Vehicle/Weapon (Notes)

Honda Viper Sportbike (Michaela)
Roadhawk Hover Bike (Missing lights, some gauges/accessories) (Rowan)

BMW R75 + sidecar (COL Schaeffer)

Melee Weapons
Knives (6) (Smoker x6)
Machetes (3) (Peter x1)

Throwing Weapons
2 throwing hatchets (tomahawks) (Rowan)

Sidearms (Shootin' Pistol)
Glock 10mm (fully loaded with 18 rounds) (Smoker)
Colt 1911A1 (fully loaded with 2 spare magazines) (Rowan)
Colt Detective Special, .38 Special with 1 loose round (Peter)
Tokarev Machine Pistol (loaded, spare loaded magazine, laser sight) (Peter)

Submachine Guns (Shootin' SMG)
10 mm Mini Uzi (18 rounds in the gun, 30-round magazine)
SA Commando SMG .50SA (loaded magazine and 7 loose rounds) (Michaela)

Long Arms (Shootin' Rifle or Shotgun)
Winchester Lever Action, caliber unknown, loaded with 3 spare rounds (Smoker)
Mossberg 500 (taclight, loaded with 2 spare rounds of buckshot on stock) (Roadkill)
Fusil 20, 5.45x39 (20/30 rounds, 2x scope, 1 spare mag) (Rowan)


Police Vest (Michaela)

Salvage (Cash!)

6 Milrats

Potentially Useful but probably not worth much in trade

Goggles, clothes.

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Wed 15 Sep 2010
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Re: Reference Information
New Travel Map:
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Wed 15 Sep 2010
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Re: Reference Information
Spare money should be carried either as gold coins (worth $5 each), silver coins ($1 each), tobacco ($100 per 1/4 ounce) or weed ($5 to $20 per eighth of an ounce quality depending, and the price has come down since the war). Paper money is almost but not quite useless (except as fire-starter) but some keep it, you never know. Many smokers use pipes, as paper's often too valuable to waste.
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Fri 1 Oct 2010
at 07:59
Re: Reference Information
Distance to Near Wichita from Las Cruces: 940 miles.

Vehicle:      Fuel Cap. x MPG =   Range

Hoverbike      3 gal.     100    300 mi.
Sport Bike     3 gal.      80    240 mi.
Semi          50 gal.      20   1000 mi.
Pickup     30+20 gal.      30   1500 mi.
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Fri 18 Feb 2011
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Re: Reference Information
Current Location:

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Mon 14 Mar 2011
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Re: Reference Information

Unholy Cathedral
OF Bone
________________ __ 8 __ ________________
_____________ 1 9 _____________
* <-- Grenade 3 5 7 10 12 _________ 4 11 | | 6 |Dry | | Fountain| | | |_________| Sl Rk Rw _________________________________________ _____ |____ : roof ________ (0000)|==| Mi\ D ======== [+] :Selene's]Sm XX Jr | | ] D ======== hatch :__Car___] XX Wk | | ] D :____________________________________<==>_|==|_____ /___D | Ar 0 5 10yds. |__________|__________|

Rk = Roadkill
Sm = Smoker
Mi = Michaela
Rw = Rowena
Ar = Arthur
Jr = Jeff Rojas (passenger)
Wk = Widow McCabe + Kids (passengers)

Sl = Selena
1-12 =  Eeeevil Coven

(0000) = Hoverbike
<==>   = Sportbike

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Thu 30 Jun 2011
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Re: Reference Information

Reference Map of the Church:

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Fri 14 Oct 2011
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Re: Reference Information

-Susan B. Arthur Memorial Hospital, Near Wichita (Ed Dorado) KS:

-Original hospital building circa 1936.
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Tue 29 Nov 2011
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Re: Reference Information

Name:                               Occupation:

____ Deftness
____ Bow
____ Fannin’
____ Filchin’
____ Lockpickin’
____ Shootin’:
____ Shootin’:
____ Sleight o’ Hand
____ Speed Load
____ Throwin’:

____ Nimbleness
1    Climbin’
____ Dodge
____ Drivin’
____ Fightin’:
____ Horse Ridin’
1    Sneak
1___ Swimmin’
____ Teamster

____ Strength

____ Quickness
____ Quick Draw

____ Vigor

____ Cognition
____ Artillery
____ Arts:
____ Scrutinize
1    Search
____ Trackin’

____ Knowledge
____ Academia:
____ Area Knowledge:
2    Home County
____ Demolition
____ Disguise
____ Language:
2    Native Tongue
____ Medicine:
____ Professional:
____ Science:
____ Trade:

____ Mien
____ Animal Handlin’
____ Leadership
____ Overawe
____ Performin’:
____ Persuasion
____ Tale Tellin’

____ Smarts
____ Bluff
____ Gamblin’
____ Ridicule
____ Scroungin’
____ Survival:
____ Streetwise
____ Tinkerin’

____ Spirit
____ Faith
____ Guts

Wind (Vigor + Spirit):
Pace (Nimbleness Die in Yards/Turn, Doubled if running):

Edges & Hindrances

Upper Guts:
Lower Guts:
Right Arm:
Left Arm:
Right Leg:
Left Leg:


Shootin’ Irons & Such
Weapon                 Shots  ROF Damage Range  Spare Ammo

Weapon     Defense Damage
Fist          —

Arcane Abilities

Favor/Hex/Ritual   Speed   Duration   Range   Trait   TN   Appeasement  Notes

Fate Chips
Legend Chip:

Unspent Bounty:

XP Buys:

Your Worst Nightmare

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Mon 16 Jan 2012
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Re: Reference Information
Current Map Link:,0.093727

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Sun 29 Apr 2012
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Re: Reference Information

Following is a kind of summary about the Combine and the Black Hats. It's from a Templar ("Jo", who narrates the Wasted West Sourcebook) so there's definitely a moral slant there, but accurate enough:

            THE COMBINE

Some day, I imagine all the “good guys”—the
Templars, the Schismatics, the Law Dogs, and
whoever we can draft into an army—are going
to wind up fighting Throckmorton’s unholy
As I said in the Wasted West, the Combine
was founded by General Throckmorton, a
former Confederate prison commander. After
the bombs, he liberated his prisoners and
equipment, added them to his own troops, and
headed out of the remote Rocky Mountain
prison facility. There’s some debate about his
early goals, but he wound up taking over
Hellstromme’s old automated factories on the
outskirts of Denver. His techs got the things
going again, and soon it was churning out
automatons, raptors (flying automatons),
warbots, and weapons. To this mechanical army
he added a couple of thousand waster scum and
gave them booby-trapped vehicles and weapons
(so they couldn’t wind up in enemy hands).
These are the so-called “Black Hats.”
Publicly, Throckmorton says it was the war
that tore our nation apart. No scheisse, Sherlock.
He claims that only by ignoring the antiquated
ideas of nationalism can we heal the people.
Thus he created the “Combine,” meaning he
wants to combine all the people into one group.
I wonder if he actually thought about what a
“combine” is to a farmer. You know, it’s one of
those big threshing machines that chews up
everything in its path and jams them into little
uniform cubes of hay. Whether he meant it or
not, the Combine was a perfect name for his
“new world.” His Black Hats and automatons
chew up everything that gets in their path and
adds the survivors to their movement.
“Liberated” settlements must pay tributes of
food, salvage, and ghost rock to Denver.
Throckmorton uses the Black Hats as
expendable scouts. Platoons of them cross the
West causing trouble and demanding tribute to
see who’ll pay and who’ll fight. My guess is
Throckmorton uses the Black Hats to find out
who’s really going to resist him when his robot
army finally pours out of Denver. Remember,
Black Hats are just wasteland scum
who’ve joined up because they like the
work. They weren’t Throckmorton’s
original soldiers, and I haven’t met one
yet that actually gave a crap about
whether the world was reunited or not.
They just want free guns, food in their
stomachs, and a license to push folks around.
Fortunately for us, that means there usually
aren’t hordes of reinforcements rushing to their
aid. You have to be careful though, because
individual Black Hat lieutenants sometimes
make deals with other platoons nearby. Twenty
of those suckers are bad enough. Forty is a
nightmare, especially when they’re all spraying
lead on full-auto ’cause they don’t have to
scrounge it like the rest of us.
Our outlook on the Black Hats is fairly
bloody. If we cross their trail, we do what we
can to take them out unless we’ve got
something better to do.

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Sun 29 Apr 2012
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Re: Reference Information

Another journal entry from Jo, the Templar:


A few months back I found out there’s this
huge group of truckers, bikers, and other folks.
Unlike most road gangs, this one’s peaceful—as
long as you’re on the right side of the highway,
if you catch my drift.
The convoy searches out isolated survivor
settlements, lets them know they’re not alone,
and helps them establish trade with their
neighbors or with Junkyard (a frequent stop).
The best part about the Convoy is their “Law
of the Road.” They obligate themselves to
helping those in trouble. While it’s not officially
part of their doctrine, in practice, they think
much like the Templars. They help those who
deserve it, but they won’t waste their resources
to help out a bunch of savage cannibals being
picked on by wormlings.
The Convoy is led by a trucker named Goose.
He’s laid-back about most things, but don’t get
him started on biker gangs or reconstruction.
He’s got some strong opinions on these subjects
and expounds on them to anyone who’ll listen.

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Sun 29 Apr 2012
at 12:10
Re: Reference Information

Yet another entry from Jo, this one on on trade caravans and Junkyard:


No survivor settlement is self-sufficient. That
means they have to trade with other
settlements. Maybe a settlement trades food for
weapons, or expertise in civil engineering for
water. Just about any practical commodity can
be traded. Ghost rock and spook juice are
common, as are electronic parts, food, water,
ammunition, weapons, vehicles, and clothes.
The wastes are too dangerous to travel in
small groups, so all that trade means caravans.
This is a fantastic way to travel. You can
disguise yourself as a wasteland waif, then hire
on as a guard. That will earn you some grub and
get you to survivor settlements that may need
help. A word of warning, however. Don’t reveal
yourself as a Templar to a caravan if you can
help it. If you do, you can bet your secret will
get out the moment it arrives in a settlement.
People love to gossip, and caravaners have big
mouths. That can make your job of determining
a settlement’s worthiness very hard.
If your disguise prohibits you from working
as a guard, you still might hitch a ride on a
caravan. Ask the caravan commander if you can
pay or even work for your transportation. Most
caravans won’t turn away passengers even if
they can’t make the fare. They put them to work
foraging, scavenging during the trip, loading and
unloading when they reach settlements, and
other menial tasks. Passengers are expendable,
so even if they don’t make much transporting
people, the caravan can use them to gather
useful goods along the way, or to free up more
capable travelers to fight should trouble start—
as it often does.
We Templars consider caravans very
important to rebuilding the world. Protect them
as best you can, even if you sometimes have to
cut them a little slack on the whole “worth”

Traveling with Caravans

A few words of advice. Caravans are
frequently ambushed by raiders, mutants, and
intelligent horrors. That’s why there is never any
shortage of jobs for caravan guards. These
attacks are good places to ply our particular
trade. You can hack up bad guys as well as
monsters. Of course, that makes caravans very
dangerous as well.


Junkyard is the largest city I know about in
the Wasted West. It sits just outside the old
ruins of Salt Lake City in Deseret.
The Junkyarders make spook juice
there, and even sell guns and ammo,
refitted cars, and most anything else you
could want. Junkyard is so successful
they trade with just about every other
sizeable settlement in the West. If you
see a caravan on the highways, there’s a
decent chance it’s eventually headed
either to or from Junkyard. All that trade is good
for lots of reasons. First, it puts folks back in
touch with each other. I’m sure you know how
important it is for people in a town to know
they’re not isolated. They need to know there
are others out there sharing the same fate. They
also need to keep in touch in case the Combine
or the Cult of Doom ever gets off its ass and
goes on a rampage. When that happens, the
caravans will be the fastest way to get word
around and start forming an army of resistance.

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Mon 9 Sep 2013
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Re: Reference Information

The Posse and VIPs are assigned cabins 1-3.


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Fri 13 Nov 2015
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Re: Reference Information

                                  Exit Tunnels

                   |  |        |xxx|        |xx |         |  |
                  _|x |________|x x|________| xx|_________| x|
                 |   x        xx xxxPlatform xx x          x |
                 |  x    __ _x__ xxx_x______x x x___ ___  x  |
                 |   [] |  "  x | x|        |xx|    "   |    O
                 |   [] |       |x_|  Ramps |x_|        |    [
                 |   [] |      x           xx          =    [
                 |      =                      x  [TTTT]|    [
                 |   [] |                               |    O
                 |      =                            x  = x  [
                 |   [] |[TTTT]              x  x       |    [
                 |    x =                         [TTTT]| x  O
                 |   [] |                     x         =  x [
                 |   [] |x                      x [TTTT]|    [
                 |    x =      1                  [TTTT]|  x O
                 |   []x|x                        [TTTT]| x  [
                 |  x[]x=        S                      =    [
                 |   [] | x      3                      | x  [
                 |__x___=x_ _  S   ____________________2=____[
                             | 4  |
                             |    |
                             |    |

   0   10 Yards

  " = : Ladders
  S   : SUV
 []   : Dumpster/grabage compactor
[TTTT]: Trailer, no tractor

  1   : Trask
  2   : Schaeffer/Knapp
  3   : Peter/Jane/Rowan
  4   : Jason/Smoker/Vundra

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Sat 14 Nov 2015
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Re: Reference Information

                                  Exit Tunnels

                   |  |        |   |        |   |         |  |
                  _|  |________|   |________|   |_________|  |
                 |    Platform is 6 feet above "ground" level|
                 |       __ ____    _________    ___ ___     |
                 |   [] |  "    |  |         |  |   "   |    O
                 |   [] |       |__|         |__|       |    [
                 |   [] |         \          /          =    [
                 |      =         Ramps up to     [TTTT]|    [
                 |   [] |           Platform            |    O
                 |      =                               =    [
                 |   [] |[TTTT]                         |    [
                 |      =                         [TTTT]|    O
                 |   [] |     Turn around               =    [
                 |   [] |        area             [TTTT]|    [
                 |      =      T                  [TTTT]|    O
                 |   [] |                         [TTTT]|    [
                 |   [] =        S                      =    [
                 |   [] |                               |    [
                 |______=____  S   _____________________=____[
                             |    |
                             |    |
                             |    |

   0   10 Yards

  " = : Ladders
  S   : SUV
  T   : Trask
 []   : Dumpster/grabage compactor
[TTTT]: Trailer, no tractor

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Sun 9 Sep 2018
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Re: Reference Information

Police Humvee

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Fri 30 Oct 2020
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Re: Reference Information
Link to game map: