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Wed 14 Jul 2010
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  After a night of debauchary the women leave and Falx, Korin, and Sabastian awake and head down to breakfast. Passing by Nicky he gives you all a wink and makes an o with the fingers of one hand inserting the other finger into it while heading back toward the kitchen. Lou Al and Screwtape are already sitting at a table enjoying some food. One of the barmaids comes over with a steaming tray of eggs, bacon, sausage, some assorted fruit and a pitcher of cold milk. You can see the condensation dripping off the pitcher.

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Fri 16 Jul 2010
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Re: Shinkasa
"I don't know about you guys, but my "sword" is a bit sharper this mourn' after all that grinding last night." Falx sits down at the table ready for a good meal after he slaps Sebass on the ass, "Way to go big man, you had that whore calling you daddy - or maybe she was calling for her daddy? Anyway, that's how you do it!" After taking a huge bite of bacon and eggs, Falx eyes the room (looking for any lesser race to possibly humiliate) "Well gents, what's on the agenda today - do we resupply and get the fuck out of this rat infested shit-hole of a town (winking at scrutape)?"
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Sat 17 Jul 2010
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Re: Shinkasa
Korin seems to be walking on air after last nights festivities. In fact he literally floats down the stairs having activated the powerful psionic power without realizing. Hearing some gasps from the crowd he quickly clears his mind and drops the few inches to the floor. Waving off people staring at him in anger or fear he sits down with his friends, a goofy smile plastered to his face. "Good morn gentleman! Im hungry enough to eat a horse." He digs into the food voraciously stuffing himself on the greasy breakfast. After finishing off his second mug of milk Korin belches and adds,"Yeah I think we should go shopping then get the hades out of here. I wanna stay far ahead of whatever is out there destroying towns. We have plenty of gold to buy provisions, Screwtape you should take a look at the wagon and see what we need to make any improvents you can think of or materials we can purchase in case we need to make repairs."