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Mon 9 Aug 2010
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Equipment and Supplies
Big wagon with two work horses

Quality riding horse

Four extra wagon wheels, boards, nails, greese, metal to go around the wheels, other stuff for to repair the wagon.

You can put your list on here

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Sat 4 Sep 2010
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Re: Equipment and Supplies

Equipment List

(2) Large metal trunks with integrated locks
(2) 25 gallon wooden casks (H20)
(4) 5 gallon kegs (Rum, Dwarven Spirits, Ale, Cooking Oil)
(5) 1 gallon waterskins (H20)
(3) 1 gallon waterskins (lamp oil)
(5) 1 pint bottles (goblin Piss: highly flammable alcohol)
Small wooden crate (20) 2 pint glass bottles with corks (empty)
Camping cook set
(10) Cast iron skillets
(8) Kettles
(6) Metal pots
Cauldron with tripod (10 gallon)
Fishing net
3 custom made fishing poles
Large spool of fishing line’
40 fishing hooks
Rope (240ft)
Snare cord (10ft)
Heavy chain (10ft)
Wood working tools
Leather working tools
Basic tool set
200 nails
Ink, Paper, Quills
First Aid kit
(5)  Blankets: heavy
(5)  Blankets: light
(4) Oil lanterns
(13) Treated torches
(10) Scented candles
Big Barrel O’ Weapons
Scrap leather (200lbs)
Scrap armor (100lbs)
4 man tent
(6) Hammocks: cloth
Mosquito netting (40 sq ft)
(6) light robes
(5) of each trap (Beaver, Wolf, Bear, small & large animal)
Charcoal (20lbs)
Wax (10lbs)
Quicksilver (5 oz.)

Fresh Meat
Bacon 5lbs

Smoked Meats (10lbs each)

Salted Meats (10lbs each)

Veggies & Fruits
Apples (1 bushel)
Carrots (2lbs)
Tomatoes (2lbs)
Onions (10lbs)
Potatoes (25lbs)
Garlic (1lb)
Ginger (0.5lb)
Hot Chiles (1lb)
Horseradish (5 oz.)
Dried herbs (5 oz.)
Pickles (5 gallon bucket)
Spices (12oz)

12 loaves of bread
Curds & Whey (10lbs)
(5)Cheese wheels  (2lbs)
Oatmeal (40lbs)
Fresh eggs (24)
Pickled eggs (50)
Tea (1lb)
Coffee (5lbs)
Salt and pepper (12oz.)
Salted butter (5lbs)
Lard (5lbs)
Syrup (1gallon)
Cornmeal (10lbs)
Flour (40lbs)
Mixed nuts (5lbs)
2 pint jars of jam: Strawberry, grape, boysenberry, apple butter.

Community Booty/Valuables
Ye Olde Cup of Krunk (fake jewel encrusted gold goblet)
(4) Old bottles of wine
Old bottle of fine Western Brandy
Metal Mittens (restraints)
Hand & Leg irons with connecting chain
Wooden jewelry box
Gladiator net
Book (history of ?)

Magic Stuff
“Evil” Jar
Flying Tiger Carpet
Magic box of preservation

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