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Combat Information
Jorgenfist Pit and Caverns

Jorgenfist map

Valley of the Black Tower

Information from a hill giant they took captive at the top of the Storval Stairs
There are hunting parties with dire bears all around (patrolling and hunting for food).
A1: A watch tower with a tribeless tiaga giantess and some "cursed giants".  The cursed giants are covered in runes and are stronger than normal, but are called living zombies.  They have no minds and only obey orders.  They were punished by Mokmurian for some infraction or another.
A2: The army is divided by tribes and is camped around Jorgenfist.
A3-5: Mokmurian has several "dragons" that lair about the valley.  The red dragon during the day and several that hunt at night.  He had never seen the night dragons.
A6: The walls, manned by Mokmurian's favorite stone giants
A7: The gate.  Don't go near the gate unless under orders.  There are some harpies singing there.  More than 1 giant has come too close and fallen over the cliff to his doom.
A8: The Black Tower itself.  It has stood from "forever" and Jorgenfist was built around it.  No one goes there.
A9: The Pit; entrance to the underground portions of the fortress.  Where all the "Fortress Giants/Mokmurian's favorites" live.
A10: A tall stone tower where a pair of rocs nests.
A11: Mammoth stables
A12: The feasting hall
A13: unknown
Longtooth - a large red dragon that is Mokmurian's #1 "enforcer", he lairs somewhere around the valley but this giant doesn't know where.

People he has seen or heard about;
Mokmurian - powerful wizard
His old "mother"(female elder from his clan), now his servant/slave
General of the army - an older mature giant named Galenmir
Lokansir - a great hill giant with special powers dead?
Lamias - creatures akin to the Lamia Matriarchs you have encountered before.  They have the lower bodies of lions and upper bodies of female humanoids.
There are various prisoners and other workers (there is a tannery and an armory) crafting weapons and armor for the war.

Information from Denrie, Vereld and Ramas (the girl they rescued)
The Lamia that is left can cast up to 4th level cleric spells
the kobold was a high level barbarian
Mokmurian wore fog cutter goggles and used solid fog and dimension door
Ramas says Mokmurian knew the pc's were coming, she doesn't know how he knew.

Information from Old Woman stone giant
  Her name is Conna.  She was one of the rulers of Mokmurians tribe, the Kavarvattis.  Mokmurian was exiled for his crimes (including studying forbidden Thassilonian magic (ie: wizardry)).  He was gone for several years.  When he returned, he challenged her husband for rulership of the tribe and easily defeated her husband with powerful magic.  He brought the tribe to this taboo place and had them craft the fortress around the Black Tower.  He killed my husband and keeps me as his servant.  He lives in the lower levels near a Thassilonian library.  She fears that Mokmurian has fallen under the influence of a powerful evil spirit from ancient Thassilon, perhaps a spirit of one of the Ancient Lords themselves.  She thinks it might "live" in the Black Tower, something "lives" there and Mokmurian has forbidden anyone from going there.
  She can give a brief run down on Mokmurian.  He casts up to 7th level wizard spells including limited wish, disintegrate, flesh to stone, baleful polymorph and wall of force.
  The group didn't have much time to chat with her, they were intent upon rescuing their friend.

Information you got from the stone giants that raided sandpoint
About Stone Giants (knowledge Skill)
Stone giants are reclusive, stony-skinned giants who live high in mountains.  Impassive and aloof, stone giants hunt large prey and live in hills, caves, and mountains. They are difficult to see among stones and are capable of crushing foes by throwing massive boulders.  Stone giants worship Minderhal, a god of strength and law.  They revere their elders and frequently ally themselves with other giants and lesser giantkin. Numerous stone giant clans tame dire bears.  Many stone giant elders can speak to stones and command the earth to do their will. Stone giants believe they are the purest form of giants, from which all other species of giants are descended.

from injured captive stone giant:
The injured giant squints, frowns, and then chuckles to itself.  “Defeated by nosy little humans,” it says. “Never thought this would happen to the Plateau People. Well, I won’t tell you everything, but I will tell you this: My lord is mighty Mokmurian, one of the dark giants of old come again. His magic, the things he has made… He has convinced the tribes that they will rule all the lowlands again, down to the sea. He has mastered the ancient arts.  “He will certainly kill you all, run rough over your tiny homes with the army he has called. The fortunate few will become his slaves. You beat us today, but you won’t beat us when there are a hundred or a thousand of the true people marching together. Lord Mokmurian will make it happen. He’s almost as smooth a talker as you are, little one.” He scratches his nose. “Teraktinus—he was the leader of our scouting party. He convinced us that you’d be
easy pickings and we’d all get rich. He obviously underestimated you, and he paid for his mistake. I’ve no interest in paying for that mistake as well—grant me safe passage out of your lands, and I’ll tell you everything you wish to know.”

Who is Mokmurian? “I already told you—he’s our lord and leader. He promised us glory and riches, and although our raid on your town didn’t go so well, that’s because Teraktinus was a fool.  When Lord Mokmurian marches down from the Storval Plateau, he will take from you everything.”
What is Mokmurian? “I have only heard him speak from afar, and have only heard from others of the power of his magic. He is the rarest of us all, a child of the stones who has mastered the magic of the Ancient Lords. They say he can turn the living into immobile stone and can turn his own flesh into granite armor.  I’ve even heard he can cause the very stones of the world to reject those who stand upon them and cast them into the sky. And I’m
sure he can do much more than that.”
Who are these Ancient Lords? “They are gone now, but our elders tell us they once ruled over our ancestors, enslaved them, forced them to build the monuments that grace Varisia even today.  Many of my brothers believe that Mokmurian is one of these Ancient Lords risen from the past to rebuild his empire.”  The Runelords of the Thassilonian Empire.
How many giants does Mokmurian command? “He has at least seven tribes of my brothers under his command, with each tribe numbering in the dozens. The number of lesser kin he’s conscripted—ogres, hill giants, ettins, trolls—is not insignificant either. He also enjoys the support of several lamias—degenerate followers of the Mother of Monsters, those!”
When is he going to attack Varisia? “I am not sure. He sent several scouting parties, of which my band was but one, into the lowlands to gather intelligence. He does this to prepare
for his coming attack. His fury will come soon. Perhaps even by month’s end.”
Where is he based? “Mokmurian has claimed a place taboo to my people: the Valley of the Black Tower in the Iron Peaks.  He calls his fortress Jorgenfist, after the name of the fortress that guards the entrance to the afterlife. Our elders found the name blasphemous, but Mokmurian is powerful enough not to fear blasphemy.”
Where is Jorgenfist? “Jorgenfist lies within the Valley of the Black Tower in the center of the Iron Peaks. It overlooks the waters of the Muschkal River, but can also be approached by
heading due east from the Storval Stairs.”
Why was your leader trying to steal a piece of the Old Light? “I can’t say. He mentioned having a special mission from Lord Mokmurian, but didn’t tell me what it was. Didn’t tell any of us. My people’s elders have ways of prying secrets from the stones—perhaps that stone knew something that Lord Mokmurian needed to learn?”

All the giants basically told the same information, so it is likely reliable.
; the giant with Denrie/Vereld/Nasmas is fearful
; the injured giant with Aden/Arus is remorseful
; the injured captive giant Arus captured is angry

- Mokmurian Is our lord and leader. He sent us to scout your lands and gave our group a special duty to collect rocks from certain ancient sites like the one in your town.  Yours was the only one in a town.
- This group was made up of young giants from every tribe who had barely reached adulthood and had been in battle (most battles are against large monsters - not humans) at most 1 time.  Most had never fought any battle at all and were still considered "subadults".
- They were given orders by Teraktinus to attack from the river side when they saw the dragon begin his attack, but he didn't tell them to stay together.  So when they attacked they split up along tribal lines.
Jormunsir: Teraktinus + 2 bodyguards + 2 giants from mill (msg 55)
Valissgander: 3 giants from noble villa
Crannoch: 2 giants from bridge (fought Nasmas/Vereld)-1 died/1 was let go (by Aden/Arus)
Kavarvatti: 2 giants/3 bears from the (msg 36);  they were from Mokmurian original tribe and thought they were better than the rest of us
Misc: 3 giants outside northgate were from a smaller tribe (this is the group that put Tanrov on the roof) -1captured/2 got away with 2 prisoners
- Teraktinus thought at this last site we should do some raiding before we head back, so we could be adults.  He said you small ones would be easy.  I thought we were supposed to avoid attacking towns, just lone travelers.
- Mokmurian has recruited all our (the ones represented by the giants here) tribes to his cause.
- As far as any of the giant know there wasn't an accomplice.  Teraktinus had never been here.  None of the other giants had ever been here.  The dragon had never been here.  The injured giant asks Aden/Arus "If he had an accomplice, why would Teraktinus need to go get a piece of stone himself?"
- Though Mokmurian did send information about possible Heroes in Sandpoint.  Mostly they were warned there could be Black Arrows here.  Where Mokmurian got this information is unknown to these giants.
- The dragon, Longtooth) is also a special follower of Mokmurian.  He arrived yesterday with a package for Teraktinus with magic from Mokmurian to make collecting the stone easy.  Some potions that were supposed to make him invisible and some scrolls to protect him from arrows.
- After some consultation it is concluded Longtooth the dragon was a juvenile red dragon.
Not even a young adult yet.
- The giants all had Sihedron runes tattooed on them.  They say this is Mokmurian’s personal rune.  The injured captive giant wears it proudly to display his allegiance to Mokmurian.

Stone Giants:
  Stone giants are large humanoids with dark gray, leathery skin, who grow to about 12 feet in height. They tend to be both impassive and aloof, preferring to live in solitude in hills, caves, and mountains. Because of their skin color they tend to blend in among their stony surroundings—all the easier from them to crush unwary travelers with giant thrown boulders. Stone giants worship the god Minderhal, and revere their tribal elders. They believe themselves to be the purest species of giant, from whom all other giants descend.
  Oral tradition tells the tale of the stone giants as the first of giant tribes, living in verdant glacial valleys teeming with wildlife and game. Not surprisingly, this idyllic situation was not to last: the stone giants were seduced by evil gods, their union resulting in the birth of fire giants and frost giants. The cloud giants and storm giants were elevated by benevolent gods to combat the evil giants, and thus the giant tribes were forever fractured.
  The earliest recorded history of the stone giant tribes is from their "alliance" with the Thassilonian empire, from whom the stone giants learned rune magic, iron, and advanced weaponry. This arrangement was not without cost: the Thassilonians used their rune magic to create rune giants, magically augmented giants who subsequently enslaved the various giant tribes. Driven by their corrupted masters, the stone giants created massive monuments and cities throughout ancient Varisia, many of which still can be found throughout current the current day Inner Sea region.
  After the Earthfall, the Thassilonian empire was destroyed and the stone giants were free. They retreated into seclusion.  Stone giant society is generally like their pre-Thassilonian ways: living in caves, hunting large prey, finding balance and harmony with the stone around them, and treating their elders with great reverence.
  Stone giant clans are organized as as a zygarchy, ruled by the eldest couple in the tribe. This couple doesn't have a particular title, and their immediate and extended family gains no special benefit from their relationship. The ruling position is seldom sought after or seen as desirable, as the many responsibilities of the role are seen to greatly outweigh its benefits. The eldest couple is chosen for the role as their age is thought to bestow upon them the patience and wisdom needed to deal with family squabbles, ownership claims, and inter-clan relations.
  Stone giants are long lived, many reaching ages of up to 800 years old, and some elders living as long as 1,000 years. The proper age of an elder is at least 600 years old. Juveniles become adults at age 90 (for women) and 120 (for men).
  Stone giants have a great variety of gods and goddesses that they worship, including Erastil, Fandarra, and Minderhal.  In addition to the more typical gods, stone giants also believe strongly in ancestral ghosts, represented by The Ancestors, Father, Mother, and the Spirits of the Earth. Stone giants use divine magic to commune with these spirits. Stone giant communities keep shrines to these spirits in their halls, painted and lit with candles, and piled up with offers of bone marrow, amber, and burnt fur.
  Elder magic is the most common among the stone giants. This magic is centered around divination and transmutation of stone and earth, and is passed down from elder to elder. It rarely happens that a sorcerer manifests among the stone giants, but always obviously so: these young giants are easily spotted by their oddly colored skin, the crystalline formations growing on their skin, or short stature. Sorcerers are simultaneously revered and shunned, held on the same level as a druid or shaman. Wizards simply do not appear in stone giant society, a gross reminder of the indignity suffered upon the giants by ancient Thassilon.
  Stone giants favor the following animals:
- Dire bears: Bears play the same role to stone giants that dogs play in human society. The are frequently used to assist in the giants in hunting game, where their keen nose, natural intelligence, and size provide distinct advantage. An oral legend of the stone giants attributes both races as children of the goddess Fandarra, the result of a union with Estig the Hunter. Some stone giant tribes have one or many "Bear Fathers", or hunters with extraordinary skills at handling bears.
- Dire wolves: Much rarer than dire bears, and frequently found in the company of stone giant bards, dire wolves—called "dog-giants" by the stone giants—are held as living embodiments of natural wisdom, and their winsome howls are songs of ancient lore.
- Mammoths: In ancient times the temples of Minderhal were the home to hundreds of giant mammoths, fearsome beasts trained for mounted combat. The use of these magnificent creatures has sharply declined since then, but modern stone giants from the Storval Plateau are known to seek and train them as mounts.

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Combat Information

Types of Ogre:
1 - standard ogres -
2- subleader Ogre, with levels - very tough
  a- Cleave, Improved Bull Rush, really deadly with an ogre hook (feats) and can be identified by the mw bow they carry and use
  b- harder to id, look for older ogres with more scars or other unusual features; the can rage and make more than 1 aoo per round
3- Leaders
Jaagrath Kreeg(male) - a combo of 2a + 2b, has killed several BAs over the years
Dorella Kreeg(Jaagrath wife) - supposed to be a powerful wielder of magic, but the BAs have never fought her so they can't say what powers she has.

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