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Varisia Information and maps

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Valley of the Black Tower


Jorgenfist map

From the hill giant
There are hunting parties with dire bears all around (patrolling and hunting for food).
A1: A watch tower with a tribeless tiaga giantess and some "cursed giants".  The cursed giants are covered in runes and are stronger than normal, but are called living zombies.  They have no minds and only obey orders.  They were punished by Mokmurian for some infraction or another.
A2: The army is divided by tribes and is camped around Jorgenfist.
A3-5: Mokmurian has several "dragons" that lair about the valley.  The red dragon during the day and several that hunt at night.  He had never seen the night dragons.
A6: The walls, manned by Mokmurian's favorite stone giants
A7: The gate.  Don't go near the gate unless under orders.  There are some harpies singing there.  More than 1 giant has come too close and fallen over the cliff to his doom.
A8: The Black Tower itself.  It has stood from "forever" and Jorgenfist was built around it.  No one goes there.
A9: The Pit; entrance to the underground portions of the fortress.  Where all the "Fortress Giants/Mokmurian's favorites" live.
A10: A tall stone tower where a pair of rocs nests.
A11: Mammoth stables
A12: The feasting hall
A13: unknown

People he has seen or heard about;
Mokmurian - powerful wizard
His old "mother"(female elder from his clan), now his servant/slave
General of the army - an older mature giant named Galenmir
Lokansir - a great hill giant with special powers
Lamias - creatures akin to the Lamia Matriarchs you have encountered before.  They have the lower bodies of lions and upper bodies of female humanoids.
There are various prisoners and other workers (there is a tannery and an armory) crafting weapons and armor for the war.

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