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Chanter's Board
(I will post quests the Chantry has sanctioned here.)

When Animals Attack
Help! Wolves and bears are causing my cow's milk to sour, and my chickens to stop laying eggs. Will provide breakfast and pay for assistance in ending this.

Freeholder Miriam of Stonesend Hold

Last Memento
As you know, Andrew Collum's family died of the wasting last winter. Andrew desires his mother's locket as a memento. Chanter Derek will pay for its recovery.

Bandits, Bandits Everywhere
Bandits keep ambushing my caravan. Looking for guards for escort to Hathersage. Will pay 3 liters of beer and one meal a day during travel. Also keep any profits from bandit slaying.

Fergus Miller

Trap Maker Wanted
Looking for an experienced trap maker. Inquire at Stonesend Hold.


Handy Man Needed

Husband died over winter. Roof needs thatching. Willing to provide room, board, and reward. Also willing to remarry.

Sophia Small

Sunken Fortress Discovered!
Brothers Liam and Reagan found an open area in the forest, which is causing strange growth in the local flora - also strange fauna. Adventurous sorts requested to investigate. Knife-ears need not apply.

Herb Collecting
In need of elfroot and deep mushroom for use in administering to the faithful. If interested please speak with Sister Nicole in the Chantry.

Missing Person
My husband has been missing for three days, the guard will do nothing. Please help me. Seek Ursula Locke in stockade* for details.

*This means Ursula is an elf.

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