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Fri 6 May 2011
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The game is currently full.

This game features the stories of a mercenary company in Ferelden from its humble beginnings to its rise to prominence in a barbarian land. Hopefully, it will come to show the struggles and triumphs of both the group and individual members.

Please read the Game Intro, House Rules, and Things You Should Know before submitting your RTJ. You can read the other threads as well if you want to. If you are still interested submit your character concept (or concepts if you want more than one considered). The concept can be as detailed or as slight as you like as we will have to work together to make sure your character fits in the story.

This game is newbie friendly; this includes knowledge of the world and the game.

Will accept lurkers and requests for wait-list for future openings - IE when characters return to town after the current adventure.

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Fri 6 May 2011
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Game Introduction
The year: 7:27 Storm.

Thedas is in turmoil. The Qunari invaded Par Vollen and mainland Thedas in the last age. They still have a strong hold on Seheron and Rivain. The Divine has called an Exalted March against them. Tevinter, also affected, fights against them.

In the Anderfels, Grey Wardens search for eyries of griffins hoping that the creatures weren't really driven to extinction during the Last Blight.

Antivan nobles kill one other in their eternal struggle for power, and Orlais expands its territory threatening everyone it can.

The dwarves of Orzammar continue their centuries long fight against the darkspawn. They lose soldiers and territory to them every day. And they interact with the surfacers less and less.

But most of those troubles seem far away to you. You live in Witenas in Ferelden. Arland is king, but his hold on the kingdom is tenuous at best; the nobles could turn against the boy king any day, but you don't necessarily care about that. You have your own reasons for living in Witenas, but your needs are the same as everyone else; you need food and shelter. And you need money to do it. Luckily, you have friends and a plan.

Mercenaries (name to be changed later) revolves around a group that will become the single most important and powerful mercenary group of the age. Each of the members have a different story and reason for wanting to see this venture succeed...In some cases, they have vastly different goals, but what is important is the camaraderie formed, the reputations earned, and the fortune discovered.