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Character Ties
Let's discuss character ties. No one is a complete stranger. Every character knows at least two other characters. How you know, and how well, the characters know each other is completely up to the players involved. Remember you are building a mercenary company, and what you know about each other will help with the reason for why you want to work together or are recommended to join the group.

Things to consider:

Shared Heritage: Shrike/Alix and Ash; Alain and Gaultier

Similarities in class: Shrike/Alix and Grogg; Ash and Darrahn; Buliwyf, Gaultier, Alain, and Valten

Distrusted based on prejudice: Buliwyf, Ash, Darrahn, and Shrike/Alix

Consider previous working relationships, rumors, or common goals.

What I suggest is to share a bit about yourself and start making some connections.

Tomorrow, I will post a tavern thread for in character interaction regarding the formation of your merc company and the first opportunities to take on some jobs.
Valten Durgrim
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Mon 9 May 2011
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Re: Character Ties
Well, there's only a two month window in which any of you could have met Valten. Prior to the last two months he's spent his entire life in Orzammar and most of that in Dust Town. The last two months he has spent traveling somewhat aimlessly on foot slowly away from Orzammar. There is about 0 chance of having a mutual long term goal (unless someone has been far more wild with their background than I anticipate). His short term goals are simple enough, though. Acclimate to the surface, build resources and possibly connections.

Knowing this the only association that immediately leaps out at me is Buliwyf as we would have to have traveled roughly the same roads to get to Witenas from where we both came from respectively. Of course, not knowing his background I don't know if our timing would match up to allow that. Another common factor is we both wield a giant axe (although Valten is also well versed in sword and shield when called for).

In retrospect, the boys from Orlais could also have traveled some of the same roads to get to Witenas if they did so overland as opposed to taking a ship to a port and then heading south.

Important notes about Valten: He is likely to have strong sympathies for both all elves and apostates (also circle mages but to a lesser extent depending on their individual experiences in the circle). He is a consummate advocate for the underdog but lacks both subtlety and tact. Even though he doesn't seem to be treated with prejudice on the surface he often seems to think he is, it's something he just expects for some reason (for obvious reasons to those decently versed in true Dwarven culture). He has a great deal of disdain for nobles and people in general who inherit their title/position as opposed to actually earning it. He is not always careful who he shares that with.
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Mon 9 May 2011
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Re: Character Ties
Ties to Ash could come from three stages in his life.

The first stage ended about six years ago, Ash was a young city elf in Denerim, Ash was 12 when he escaped Denerim with a host of Templar at his back. Anyone with City Elf background might know Ash, or even background with the city guard and such

The second window of ties is during his stay with the Dalish, Ash was the Keeper apprentice and had traveled with Dalish. Good place to meet other elves or human/dwarf traders.

And last, in the last couple of months Ash had been traveling on his own, seeking his own path to power and glory as he exiled himself form the clan. During that time he could meet anyone on the road and would more the likely to bind with powerful allies for protection.

Feel free to PM me for final coordination.
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Mon 9 May 2011
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Re: Character Ties
I suppouse anyone could met with Alain with ease. He left Orlais in a haste and headed to Ferelden.

There is not much to know about his life prior to his exile. A working class man whose family once was nobility, has tried to live up to that by training to be a soldier, never really got to do any battles though.

Alain left Orlais because he was persecuted for his wives murder, but he did not do it, now seeking a way to get even.

Would accept any help on the road. Maybe Valten and Alain met on the road while Valten was first time out... They would have lots to discuss regarding politics and such worldy knowledge. I assume that a dwarf first time out would like to know what is what under the sky. Who not better to teach him than an orlaisian who thinks he really knows something. (All orlesians are like that. :D )