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Mon 9 May 2011
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Current Other Work
The Frog Pond

Ingredients Needed
Need reliable, discreet, brave sort to collect deathroot and spider venom. Will pay 15 copper a piece on root, and 50 cp for venom.

Revenge Sought
My girl was harmed by Lester Triom. She is the fourth elven girl in a month. Looking for revenge, preferably head on pike. Will pay in monthly installments if Lester taught lesson.

The Hooded Elf Fatherhood Brigade

Family Matters
Discreet family business needs outside intervention. Inquire at the Wolf Pelt Weapons.

Advertisements Posted
Are You Ready For the Grand Tourney?
A qualifier for the Grand Tourney will be held outside town in two weeks. All warriors welcome. Modest entry fee: 4 sovereigns.

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