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Mon 9 May 2011
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The Frog Pond
(In character posting. This is the only tavern your characters can afford. Ideally, you characters will discuss the formation of your mercenary company and discuss which jobs you want to tackle first. You can also get to know each other and brag about yourselves.)

The Frog Pond is the cheapest bar in town. It's one of those places that changes ownership often and serves everyone that can afford to pay including elves. No one asks a lot of questions about the clientele and few are willing to answer questions lest it come back on them later. Fights are frequent, and their isn't an unmarred surface in the place. The benches wobble; the tables slant; and if you want a drink you have to approach the bar to get it. The floor is hard packed earth that floods terribly during the rains. In the kitchen is an ever simmering stew that has water, vegetables, and left over parts thrown in daily to refresh it - Ferelden stew at its finest.

It is late afternoon. The tradesmen haven't rolled in and only a few people are in the bar currently. Mostly it's the dedicated town drunks, those contemplating major life decisions, and adventurers in between jobs.