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Hall of Villainy
The Hall of Villainy is for the bad guys of Thedas. Also, I know many of you own the gamemastering guides, but don't rely on them for your information. Because players are readers I keep change things to keep them surprised.
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Re: Hall of Villainy
From Gamemaster's Set 1:

Unquiet spirits of the dead, shades are the remnants of lost souls that have slipped across from the Fade into the mortal world. They have no true memories of ever being alive, only a yawning emptiness and a sense of what they’ve lost that leads them to seek out living beings. At first they merely gaze upon them from the shadows, but soon enough they begin to envy the living and covet their lives. As their malice grows, they start draining the life energy of others, sapping away their spirits merely by drawing near them.

Shades resemble inky shadows, each one vaguely conforming to a humanoid shape. Despite their hunger for life, large concentrations of it, such as forests and cities, drive them away. They haunt desolate places, seeking unwary travelers. They have no thoughts as such, only hungers they barely understand.

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Re: Hall of Villainy
Spider, Giant
Once found only in the depths of the dwarven Deep Roads, these huge arthropods were originally raised by the dwarves to prey on the numerous species of large bats that plagued their caverns. The dwarves called them “deep crawlers” and for many centuries their numbers were carefully controlled. When the dwarves were forced to retreat by the steady advances of the darkspawn, though, the deep crawlers’ numbers soon ran out of control as they acquired a new food source: genlocks. They are now found throughout the Deep Roads and their numbers are so vast that they’ve spilled into many forests on the surface. These giant spiders use webs, which they are clever enough to attempt to camouflage, in order to trap prey unaware. They are adept at spitting their webs, a racial skill acquired from many generations of hunting bats.

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Re: Hall of Villainy
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Re: Hall of Villainy
Arcane Horror:
When a pride demon takes control of the corpse of a mage, an arcane horror is born. Although they appear to be little more than bones, these are fierce creatures, possessing not only all the spellcasting abilities of a living mage, but also the capacity to heal and even command other animated corpses.
--From Codex entry: Arcane Horror

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Re: Hall of Villainy

"It is rather unfair, the reputation that the wolf possesses in Ferelden. For a people that so clearly adore their hounds, Fereldans simultaneously harbor a distrust of wolves that borders on the unreasonable. Unreasonable, that is if one were not familiar with the ancient legends regarding werewolves. There was a time in Ferelden's past when demons inhabited the bodies of wolves in great numbers, causing the wars against werewolves and spreading great fear and panic. The werewolves were slain, but even today the noble wolf is still looked upon with distrust."

--From Legends of Ferelden, by Mother Ailis of Denerim, 9:10 Dragon (THIS WILL BE WRITTEN IN THE FUTURE :) Remember our timeline).

From the Codex on wolves: An attack by wolves upon civilized folk happens rarely, often only in times of desperation and even then only when the wolves have the advantage of numbers. This can change during a Blight. When darkspawn rise onto the surface their presence dramatically alters the savage nature of normal beasts. (Blight references deleted)
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Re: Hall of Villainy
Tevinter Types:
The Imperium was once considered the greatest power in Thedas and all nations save one were forced to bow before its sorcerous might. Even as the Imperium was reaching the very height of its supremacy, for close to two centuries the Alamarri and their allies thwarted its campaigns across the Frostback range to conquer the barbarians of Ferelden.

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Re: Hall of Villainy
"To anyone who doubts the wickedness of blood magic, I say: With your own hands, strike down the corpses of your own brothers who have fallen in battle to a maleficar, then we may discuss morality."

--Knight-Commander Benedictus, in a letter to the Divine, 5:46 Exalted.

The walking dead are not, as superstition would lead you to believe, the living come back for revenge. They are, rather, corpses possessed by demons.

The shambling corpse, controlled by a demon of sloth, causes its enemies to become weak and fatigued. Corpses possessed by rage demons go berserk and simply wade into their opponents mindlessly. Devouring corpses are held by hunger demons and feed upon the living. The more powerful demons rarely deign to possess a dead host.

~ From the Codex on Corpses
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Re: Hall of Villainy
Demon Lanaya
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Re: Hall of Villainy
Giant Bat:

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Re: Hall of Villainy

Rillions stand about 8 feet tall and weight 800 pounds. They are covered in short black fur. These broad chested beasts generally walk on all fours, but can walk on two legs. They have short faces and sharp teeth which they use to rend flesh from bones. They prefer to use their hands to attack though. Their favored time of attack is at night when they can surprise their prey from the trees and brush.
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Re: Hall of Villainy

Most numerous of the darkspawn by far, genlocks are tough and stocky fighters with a penchant for wickedly hooked axes. Unlike the majority of their brethren, they are swift to take up the more complicated weapons of their enemies, employing siege engines in battle and using clever traps to defend any terrain they control. Ferelden’s Circle of Magi believes that their propensity to mine the Deep Roads for lyrium has given genlocks a resistance to magic, for they’ve been known to shrug off spells in battle with little effect. Genlocks tend to be slightly shorter than dwarves with pale white or yellowish skin. They are invariably bald, with deepset eyes and sunken cheeks. Their voices are low and harsh, punctuated by occasional grunts.

Genlock alphas are the strongest, quickest, and most cunning of their kind, bullying their way into the leadership of bands of lesser genlocks. They tend to be taller and more heavily muscled than their brethren, and have a more commanding presence, although their demeanor is more swagger and bluster than cool leadership.