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Wed 25 May 2011
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Recruitment: To Obtain
Gaultier, Alain, and Katerina leave the scene of the battle to fulfill individual, and group, goals within town. It only takes a few moments to get there but the scene is one of organized chaos.

In this section of town, neighbors help each other make makeshift repairs before the sun goes down. Those left without homes are hustled into another family's dwelling until theirs can be rebuilt. The fires are all put out, and groups of women make Fereldan stew to feed the hungry. The barman from the Winking Scribe gives out ale to the workers. The chantry folk assist the injured. Life goes on with little concern for the screaming that took place near the stockade.

Where to?
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Thu 26 May 2011
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Re: Recruitment: To Obtain
"Where would be the best place to start" He hummed to to himself.
"If there is a garrison or a barracks here, maybe the guards wish to come. Though they may have different orders from their commander to help the townsfolk."

It clearly wasn't easy to choose where to head first.

"Some of the locals might be willing, maybe we should ask around in taverns, or go from door to door."

Alain frowned, he did not know the locals, not good enough to say the least, to know who would be brave enough to come with them, maybe it was best to just ask for any material aid people might be willing to provide.