The Missing Elf (Part 2)   Posted by Narrator.Group: archive 0
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Wed 15 Feb 2012
at 14:54
The Missing Elf (Part 2)
Refreshed. Rested. Homage paid. Chores done. Supplies bought and paid for. Coin, well and truly spent. Trails followed on the things that can be followed. The party is ready to pursue the mystery of the missing elf.
Buliwyf Ar Grainne Falconhold
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Wed 15 Feb 2012
at 15:08
Re: The Missing Elf (Part 2)
If Buliwyf can't make out the translation of the "X" on Ash's map to a real-world destination, he'll ask Shrike, or one of the other companions who can read.

Once he knows where their destination is, he'll lead the group towards it.
Regin Smithforge
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Fri 17 Feb 2012
at 15:28
Re: The Missing Elf (Part 2)
Regin meets up with his new companions the following morning, refreshed and ready for a day of travel. His trusty hammer laid across one shoulder made his way across the courtyard of the inn and waited for the rest to gather.
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Sat 18 Feb 2012
at 07:40
Re: The Missing Elf (Part 2)
Shrike arrives dressed in dusty black and dark grey; her new new bow slung across her shoulder with a quiver of arrows, and her new shortsword hanging at her hip.

She looks around her travelling companions and shakes her head ruefully. This was not company she ever expected to find herself travelling with.
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Sat 18 Feb 2012
at 10:04
Re: The Missing Elf (Part 2)
Ash is waiting for the rest, he has a fresh provision and all his belonging on his back. So far his luck held out and the Templar had not come knocking on his door but only a fool would risk it further, if he has to flee he would not leave behind anything of importance.