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The Game Master
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Sat 17 Aug 2013
at 12:43
Let's Talk...
I made my first post in Dragon Age Chronicles on the 18th of July, 2010. And now, 1005 posts later, I think it's time to make a new OOC thread!

I thank everyone for making this game truly one to stay with. There are times when I thought of giving up, but then I think of all the fun I have conjuring up adventures and what a wonderful player base I have, those thoughts just vanish!

Here's to more fun times!


On another note, I've edited the Encumbrance rules, thank you so much for your inputs, Unathe & Jaycen. Let's roll with what I have written up and we'll see how it goes. As always I appreciate everyone's input and feedback!

BTW, I found this on the Green Ronin website - it's a fan-made mod of DARPG. It looks so comprehensive and cool! I especially like the Bestiary and Apothecary books.

The Dropbox for the books!
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Sat 17 Aug 2013
at 18:46
Re: Let's Talk...
Wow lots of progress while I was out, I will read up and try to ISAP as soon as I can. And Happy Birthday game!

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Wed 21 Aug 2013
at 18:34
Re: Let's Talk...
afk a few days while I move.
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Fri 23 Aug 2013
at 19:57
Re: Let's Talk...
I appear to be back in business!
The Game Master
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Sat 24 Aug 2013
at 16:07
Re: Let's Talk...
Welcome back Balasar!

I will wait until the end of Sunday (my time) before updated The Amber Rage thread.