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Chapter Twenty Two - Magic & Mayhem
27th Guardian
Circle Tower - Ferelden

This is Jareik's exclusive thread

"Knight Corporal," a distinguished voice greeted. Turning away from the tall, glass stained windows depicting Andraste clutching a flaming sword, Knight Captain Urich watched his newly promoted Corporal salute him and stand at attention.

"At ease soldier," Urich said as he motioned for Jareik to sit. The Captain himself though did not bother to take his own seat, for he rounded the desk and started feeding logs into the fireplace, "Boy it's cold in Ferelden. When is Spring really going to arrive...."

"I don't suppose you heard news of an escaped mage and dead templars?

She was on her way to the Orlesian Circle, when she decided to make a break for it. Her templar escorts, Andrew & Argus, likely made pursuit but were found dead in the woods of the Frostback Mountains. There are a few tracks, meaning this girl wasn't alone. And our scouts deduce that the tracks probably lead towards the Gates of Orzammar. Do you think you're up to the task of tracking down this girl?"

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Knight Corporal Jareik
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Sun 11 May 2014
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Re: Chapter Twenty Two - Magic & Mayhem
Jareik frowned at the unwelcome news of an escaped mage and dead Templars.

Despite the gravity of the crime he had to pause to consider his answer to the Captain though. It seemed no small task to track down a fugitive mage and an unknown number of accomplices. But the Captain wouldn't have asked him had he not believed Jareik to be capable of the task.
And how long has it been since he has ventured father then the bounds of the Circle Tower? He was a Knight Corporal now, he was ready for this.

"Sir, I would give it my best effort, Maker willing it shall suffice." he said with a slight bow,

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Re: Chapter Twenty Two - Magic & Mayhem
1st Drakonis
The Gates of Orzammar

4 days of hard riding brought Jareik to the Gates of Orzammar. With any luck the Mage would still be around but  Jareik knew that was a unlikely possibility. The phylactery of the Mage in question was supposed to be delivered to him before he left the Tower, but bad weather made it difficult for the couriers to arrive on time and this was proving to be a magic hindrance and time waster.

This was his first assignment as Knight Corporal and he'd be damned if he didn't prove he was worthy of his promotion.

Jareik looked around and saw merchants mostly surface dwarves were busy hawking their wares while the dwarven guards allowed and denied individuals from entering. There were also a few caravans and traveling wagons. Including the customers there had to be at least one person who saw something!

OOC: indicate if Jareik brought any men with him. If so, how many, what are their names and functions. Also what is Jariek's relationship with them. You can RP dialogue with them if you wish.

If Jareik is alone, that's ok too. Your officers want a report on your progress, better yet a capture in 7 days. It's currently 11am. Good luck with the investigation!

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Knight Corporal Jareik
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Sun 7 Sep 2014
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Re: Chapter Twenty Two - Magic & Mayhem
"I say we looking in the wrong place. If the mage had any sense she would be half way towards Tevinter by now. Not that I'm complaining, it's nice to get away from the circle, was starting to forget there was a whole world outside." said a slender young man with a gaunt face and sharp features, the Templar initiate Roderick.

"Knight Captain said scouts reported her tracks leading here, we can but trust in the veracity of their report."
answered Knight Corporal Jareik as he got down from his horse and passed the reins to Roderick.

"Right, because this wouldn't be the first time an apostate has misdirected the sods chasing them."
Roderick smirked.

Sandra shot him a glare as she dismounted last and handed Roderick her own reins.
Landing on her feet she readjusted her hair to hide the burnt side of her face.

"Just dunno what an apostate would stick their nose here for, would stand out amongst the dwarves I'd imagine."

"Well I suppose that will make finding out if the apostate has been here or not all the more easier then." Jareik scanned the various merchants.

"Orders Knight Corporal?" asked Sandra standing to attention in a pose that contrasted with Roderick's more relaxed demeanor. At least one if the initiates were proving themselves worthy of the order.

"Fix the horses then let's ask some questions starting with the gate guards, if anyone knows who has been through these gates it's them."

Waiting on Roderick to settle the horses, the trio walked up the ancient steps leading to the gate of Orzammar and waited till it was their turn to address the guard.

"Hail to you. I am Knight Corporal Jareik of the Templar order, we are after an apostate fugitive and have reason to believe she has passed her. Have you had many human women pass through your gate within the past fortnight?"

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Mon 8 Sep 2014
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Re: Chapter Twenty Two - Magic & Mayhem
"Greetings tae ye, Knight Corporal," the dwarvan gate guard nods in greeting. The two men then sink into dwarven conversation upon hearing Jareik's question. Then the one who greeted Jareik said, "No, not many within the past two weeks. If our memory serves us correct, there were a few human women who have arrived at the gates. However, only one passed through our gates into Orzammar."
Knight Corporal Jareik
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Tue 9 Sep 2014
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Re: Chapter Twenty Two - Magic & Mayhem
"Thank you for the information." said Jareik with a nod. He rued not having the mage's phylactery, how could he know whether the woman that passed through the gates is his quarry? "I will consult with my brethren if you'll excuse me."

He walked away from the stairs to let the dwarfs deal with others.
The three templars stood in a triangle as they decided their next move.

"A phylactery sure would have been useful right about now..."
Sandra shot Rodrick a glare, who shrugged and added  "..or a drawing. How can we know if the one that went through the gates is our girl or not?"

Jareik sighed "If we waited any longer for the phylactery the mage would have been lost for good. We have to deal with it and move on, trust me I'm not any happier about it then you are."

"It's not unreasonable to assume the group helping the apostate were apostates themselves or at least aligned enough with their ideas that they were willing to slay Templars over it. Perhaps the group left our Mage here thinking she would be safe from our reach within the underground?"

"Or maybe they are all just one big happy apostate family and they stopped here to drop off their ONE non apostate friend who had a fascination with dwarves. Point being we can make up all sorts of nice stories for them, at the end it's a 50/50 shot if our apostate stayed with the group or left them."

"How about we improve the odds then. Let's talk to the merchants here, from the looks of it they have been here for a long time. With luck maybe they overheard the group talk or could at least help us confirm the identity of the woman who went in as our apostate or not."

"You really think merchants would just give out information on customers like that? Would probably need a little motivation if you get my meaning..."
Roderick smirked at Jareik, compared to the other Templars he was by far the most traveled and worldly and was enjoying his companion's naivete.

"...Fine, how much?"

"Not the way it works but this sort of information shouldn't be too pricey."

"All right let's go ask around then."

"I'll stand guard." said Sandra. Jareik knew it was because she would rather avoid having to do so much talking but didn't press the issue.

Roderick and Jareik went to speak with the various merchants, asking if they remembered a group of human women recently, and if they over heard details of their conversation or better yet, details about the woman who did get through the gate.
If Roderick had a feeling a merchant knew more then they let on, then he would propose a few silver coins to help refresh their memory.

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Re: Chapter Twenty Two - Magic & Mayhem
Splitting up, Rodrick and Jareik took either ends of the market, asking the merchants one by one if they had seen any human females. They had some success, especially with Jareik's willingness to pay for information.

After some time, the three templars regrouped again and shared what they learned.

Rodrick found out from a traveling merchant named Bodahn that he ran into a human woman and her friends who helped him coax his stubborn mule up the mountains to the gates. He also spoke of a female human who bought a nicely craft flute of Dalish elven make.

Jareik on the other hand learned from a human and dwarven merchant duo who sold hot cider to travelers that many female humans stopped by for drinks. But there were two who stood out for they sat together in a large group of people of mixed races and shared a hot drink.

OOC: Roll a Communication TN 11. A success means you only spent 10 minutes gathering all that information. For every point of failure, you spend an additional 5 minutes talking.

Also, roll a Communication (Bargaining) TN 11. A failure means you spent 3d6+5 pieces of silver getting information.

If you would like to follow up on any bit of information from the various merchants, you may do so.

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Tue 9 Sep 2014
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Re: Chapter Twenty Two - Magic & Mayhem
"How about next time we get Sandra to ask the locals if they seen ANY human women lately and wanted to know all about them! Coin or not, was right bloody dodgy and more then a few gave me some bad looks"
Sandra glared at him for suggesting the idea and Roderick shrugged at Jareik as if to say "you see?".

"Regardless we do have some leads to follow up on and the group isn't entirely composed of humans which marginally facilitates our search.
Let's start with Bodhann and ask him if he overheard any in the group mention where they came from or their destination and if any one member was wearing circle magi clothes or items."

"Right because I'm sure strangers tell their life stories to each other, this is a shot in the dark if I ever heard one."

"Andraste's light shines the darkest recesses. If there is any information that might help us make the right choice here we must be thorough."

Roderick raised an eyebrow.

"We will ask the same with those other merchants the same questions. With luck the pair were making their farewells and one of them was the woman who passed the gates."

"Luck and a bit of silver to help the odd memory loss."

03:35, Today: Secret Roll: Knight Corporal Jareik rolled 18 using 3d6+2 with rolls of 5,5,6. Communication TN 11.
03:36, Today: Secret Roll: Knight Corporal Jareik rolled 11 using 3d6+2 with rolls of 1,6,2. Communication (bargaining) TN 11.

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Re: Chapter Twenty Two - Magic & Mayhem
"Greetings! Welcome to my wagon, I have goods of all sorts," Bodahn boasted as the trio approached his wagon. Then, he notices Rodrick and adds, "You're back! And you've brought friends along as well. I believe I told you all I could about female humans."

"Hmm, what's that now? Well no, they didn't mention anything about where they were from or going. I only got one name, and that's a lady Dwarf! She's a fine one who has a good way with animals. She helped me calm my mule and it was she who got her friends to escort us, my son and I, up the path to Orzammar.  Her name is Gimshar.

And circle of Magi clothing? Why, I don't think so...'What's all this about? Care to buy some food, or perhaps a fine weapon?"
Knight Corporal Jareik
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Fri 12 Sep 2014
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Re: Chapter Twenty Two - Magic & Mayhem
"Hello again Bodahn!" chirped up Roderick with a smile as they approached.

"Hail to you dwarf,I am Knight Corporal Jareik of the Templar order of Ferelden, you've already met initiate Roderick, this is initiate Sandra."

Sandra bowed slightly.

"I have a few questions to ask if you please." said Jareik and he folowed up with the questions.
Sadly the answers did little to help, they were not after any lady dwarves. Though he wondered, that would a dwarf be doing with a supposed group of apostates? Perhaps their assumptions were mistaken.

Jareik shook his head. "I am sorry but our funds are to cover the expenses of our mission and nothing more. We are after a circle mage who has turned apostate and was assisted by a group- the group you encountered- they have already killed two templars and it is our task to apprehend the apostate before she causes more harm."

"The good part is due to..unexpected circumstances we were not supplied with the mage's phylactery and so now we are trying to figure out who in that merry little band is our apostate and if she is still with the group or left them here to enter Orzammar."

"If you can remember any detail that might help us, we would be grateful Sir Dwarf."
said Sandra politely.

"As I said earlier, there's a bit of silver in it if you remember something to help us out!"

"Could you at least tell us how many members this group had and how many human women were amongst them? We will be our on way and won't squander your time any more, thank you for your cooperation."
Jareik had decided the dwarf had told them as much as he knew, he just wanted to get a number count on the group then move on to the next witness.

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Re: Chapter Twenty Two - Magic & Mayhem
"Oh my!" exclaims Bodahn at the mention of the killing of Templars, "I'm so sorry to hear that. "Well, I'll do my best to assist you in any way I can. But I hardly doubt the group that helped me could be murderers."

When asked to think hard on the details, Bodhan paused for a few moments before recalling, "There was the female dwarf, an elven male, two male humans, and one female human."
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Re: Chapter Twenty Two - Magic & Mayhem
Armed with all the gathered information, the Knight Corporal decides to split his team so as to maximize the time needed to train their runaway apostate. Sandra was to scout the villages that dotted the foot of the Frostback Mountains, Roderick to explore the road along Gherlen's Pass while he investigated Orzammar.

Unfortunately, in his youth and inexperience, the Knight Corporal did not get very far.

For one, the dwarves were extremely uncooperative and uncaring about the problems of the Chantry. It was difficult for the Knight Corporal to get anything done without arousing the suspicion of the underground dwarves.

Sandra was beset by the wintry weather and was even pursued by a tribe of angry Avaars who did not welcome the heathen religion of The Maker. But among the three, Roderick fared the worse for he was captured by Ferelden Rebels and was only released after an imprisoned Rebel was released from Orlesian custody.

Seven days flew by and Jareik missed the deadline. Defeated, the Knight Corporal return to The Circle Tower empty handed with re-assignment as his sole reward.

Here concludes Chapter 22 - Magic & Mayhem

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