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Chapter 27 - The Road to Adulthood
15th Cloudreach
8:99 Blessed
Pelnor Estate, South Reach

After wiping the perspiration from her forehead with the back of her sleeve, Sabeth picks up the pitch fork and resumes pitching loose hay. It is hard and tedious work, and certainly unsuited for a Lady of Pelnor. However, Bann Pelnor never shied from doing what others might consider menial tasks and so, as his daughter, Sabeth did not see how she should spare herself from such hard work.

Besides, being in the stables meant Sabeth got to spend more time with the horses, in particular, with her own mare, Lady. A daily ritual of Sabeth was to rise early to go for a morning ride around the Estate before going about her duties for the rest of the day.

And on this day, it was no different.

After returning with Lady from the woods, Sabeth busied herself with cleaning up Lady's stables and was preparing her hay when her maid, Elise, came running in, skirts hitched around her knees to avoid getting mud on her servant's uniform.

"My lady," the girl huffs, "My lady....your father sent me to fetch you. He'd like you to visit him in his study. Shall I tell him you will come this instant?"

OOC: This is Sabeth's thread. It's 15 days to Summersday and you know that the festival is an important one, especially to the Orlesians. Every year around this time, your father and mother visit Denerim to join in the official festivities. When you and your sister were younger, you sometimes went along and it was great fun, especially watching the Tourney. This year, your sister will be turning 15, and so this Summerday will be particularly significant as she will be considered an adult.

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Chapter 27 - The Road to Adulthood
Sabeth finished lifting and placing the load she had on the pitchfork and then put it back in its place against the wall.  I'll come with you lass, one moment.  She gave Lady a pat and closed the latch on the stable door.  She picked up her bag and went to walk alongside the maid back to the house.
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Chapter 27 - The Road to Adulthood
Still dressed in her riding boots and pants, Sabeth makes her way to her father's study. The poor serving girl was quick to fetch a mop and cloth to clean up the mud they had brought in from outside.

The Pelnor Estate was a sizable one. Large halls, long corridors, tastefully decorated with paintings and portraits and life sized statues. To the common folk, it was an opulent place, however, in the eyes of nobles and royals, Bann Pelnor's home was humble by elite standards.

If not making rounds with his men or out hunting, Roald Pelnor, was often in his study. A Bann's job chiefly revolved around reading papers and letters and meeting with disgruntled or distressed peasants. One day, Sabeth would inherit her father's duties. Or at least that's what her father hoped.

"Sabeth!" Roald exclaimed upon Sabeth's entrance into his books and papers filled study. Her father rose from his chair to give her a quick kiss on the cheek before inviting her to sit down across from him. "Out riding again, my girl?"

"Anyway, the reason I called you here urgently is because I need your help

As you know, your mother and I will be traveling to Denerim for the Summerday Tourney. However, I received urgent word that King Meghren has asked for a session with all the Banns and Arls before the Tourney. Which means, I must leave earlier then expected. Tomorrow, your mother and I will leave for Denerim."

Roald grinned, watching Sabeth's expression. He knew what Sabeth might say about having to baby sit her spoilt younger sister, Avidisa.

"Yes, yes, you know what this means. It means I'll need your help to watch over matters of the Estate, and get Avidisa ready for the Summerday ceremony. She is coming of age this year and you remember what it was like to be a part of that ceremony. Perhaps you could advise her and guide her. And as planned, you and Avidisa will leave for Denerim in a week's time and we will all be reunited once again.

Can you do that?"

OOC: Denerim to the town of South Reach is 6 days of travel. The Pelnor Estate is on the eastern borders of South Reach Arling. So the estimated time of travel from Pelnor Estate to Denerim is about 5 days of travel.

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Chapter 27 - The Road to Adulthood
Sabeth was able to keep her expression composed ... for the most part.  Her father noticed the hint of a wince but did not call her on it any further than he'd done so already.  She had some quick thoughts before she answered him, always preferring to plan her words before she said them.

It is humbling that you would entrust me with so much, and I shall do my best to fulfill the needs of both this Estate and of the Family.  Is there anything pressing or planned for this timeframe for the Estate, or anything specific that you know of that would be different than the run-of-the-mill festival etiquette that Disa must learn?

She had a thought that she expressed as well, How long will we be gone?  Who will watch the Estate for that time?  After some quick counting she spoke again, sounding a touch worried. We'll be gone for nearly a fortnight at minimum.  A lot can happen in two weeks, father.

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Chapter 27 - The Road to Adulthood
"Yes, you're quite right," her father nods, "A lot can happen in two weeks. But this won't be the first time we've traveled for the festival and the Pelnor Estate will be left in the capable hands of Steward Howard, as usual. But you'll get a week's worth of work before you hand it all over to Howard. After all, this is good practise isn't it, you will be the leader of Pelnor one day, my dear daughter."

Bann Pelnor now pushed a red wooden box which contained documents regarding the affairs of Pelnor towards Sabeth. "Go on ahead, open it."

Bracing herself for the monumental tasks that awaited her, Sabeth reaches out to open the red box which she had seen her father pour over for countless hours a day. Now, she was to be given her own tasks and duties.

At the top, is a document detailing the problems land between two farming families - the Richards and the Peters. Following that is a request for leave by one of the Captains of the Pelnor military. Then there was a document about a supposed thievery, a request for marriage, a request for land and so many others that Sabeth wondered how she was ever going to go through all of them.

"I can tell from your expression that you're starting to feel overwhelmed," grinned her father, teasing her. "Don't worry, you only have a week and I don't expect you to tackle everything. But one way to get to know our people better is to help them solve their problems. Go to the Peters and Richards and see if you can solve the issue of land dispute. Then, go talk to Captain Tyrian to see if he can postpone his leave of absence.

Oh yes, I've also employed a new tutor for Disa, he's fresh from the Circle but comes recommended and so I'll need you to keep an eye on him, interview him if you must. And finally, be sure you get Disa ready for the Summerday Ceremony, I'm sure her new tutor will be on hand to guide her too.

Think you can handle all that?"

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